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How To chat in Team & All Chat During a Valorant Match

Valorant acquired a massive audience after it’s release on June 2, 2020. Majorly targeted for users with average system specifications, is one of the best tactical shooting games in 2020. Unlike games like CSGO, valorant has extra features and impressive agents. Riot games promised to launch valorant as the best game of 2020, and it probably seems true.

In this article, I will tutor you on how to chat with team members or with opponents in Valorant. After reading this article, you will learn how to use all-chat and team chat feature in valorant during the match.

Almost all sorts of games provide the chat feature to communicate between the players or team members. FPS and battle royale games like PUBG and Fortnite have included the chat feature to make the communication easy.

The chat feature makes the game more interesting with your friends. Also, these sorts of games have helped strangers connect.

Not only team members, in some cases, but players also need to communicate with the opponent too. This feature is commonly termed as all-chat or global chat in valorant. By default, you will have the team-chat enabled. 

Generally, there are two types of chat in valorant. 

  1. Team chat
  2. All-chat

Chat with team members in valorant

Sending a text to team members during a valorant match can improvise the match experience. Also, it makes the players easy to communicate if the microphone isn’t working. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to chat with team members during a Valorant match.

  1. Enter the match
  2. Press Enter key 
  3. Now, type the message
    TEXT written in valorant team chat section
  4. Press Enter key
    text sent on team chat during a valorant match

Congrats, your message has been sent. I told you, it’s simpler than you think. 

Note: If pressing the Enter key doesn’t open the text panel. Then, press Shift + Enter and the rest steps are the same.

Send messages in all chat in valorant (Chat with opponents)

Sometimes your team members are disconnected during the match. Then probably you don’t want the match to be extended (While enemies are searching for the disconnected player). 

So the gamers usually term the disconnected player as AFK (away from the keyboard). So after you type ‘AFK Base’ in all the all-chat, the enemy will come to the base and shoot your team member. The same thing applies when your opponents are AFK.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to all-chat in valorant during the match.

  1. Enter the match
  2. Press Enter key (by default, it’s team chat)
  3. Type /all 
  4. Now, the chat prefix is switched from (Team) to (all)
  5. Type the message
    text written on valorant all chat panel
  6. Press Enter key
    text sent by user to all chat members in valorant

Note: If pressing the Enter key doesn’t open the text panel. Then, press Shift + Enter, and the rest steps are the same. This can usually happen if the windows isn’t activated.

After you press Enter (after sending the message), the chat prefix gets changed to team chat. To send messages once again in the (all) section, you need to repeat the same procedures.

Communication between the players is the key factor for winning a match. It involves direction orders, game strategy, and information gathering. 

So I am sure now you can chat with your friends and opponents in Valorant during the match. 

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