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High-Profile Twitter Accounts Hacked for Bitcoin Scam

On 16th July Wednesday, high profiled twitter handles were concurrently hacked by unknown hacker[s]. The motive of the attack was a cryptocurrency scam via tweets. The victim had millions of followers and had a high profile portfolio.

Who was hacked?

Apple, Uber, Mr. Beast, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk were extremely targeted and guess what people fell into it. The attacker remains anonymous to date. Those accounts were compromised, and the attacker posted tweets mentioning their bitcoin wallet address and stating to double the money within one day and returning it.

 Many people suffered from this attack since none were aware of it. On top of that, these were the tweets from high profile people. So people were easily trapped into this scam.

LIst of hakced account of twitter
List of Compromised high profile twitter handlers

How the hacker gained access to the twitter account?

According to the twitter support team, the hacker gained access to the internal Twitter admin tool to gain access to the high profile twitter handlers. It is probably a coordinated social engineering attack done to one of the employees.

According to security experts, this scam is common, but this attack is quite unusual. Even Apple’s account was compromised and was used for the fraud. Twitter has requested people not to fall under these sorts of traps.

How much did the hacker earned through this scam?

The BTC address, as mentioned on the tweets, got hundreds of contributors around the world. According to the publicly available blockchain records, the hacker earned more than $100,000 (£80,000). The co-founder of the crowd strike mentioned that “This appears to be the worst hack of a major social media platform yet,” and it seems legit.

Will the victim get their money back?

Until now, there isn’t any official confirmation from Twitter regarding the Compensation for the victims. But in this case, twitter should be responsible for the massive attack and loss of victim’s money. Let’s wait for the official confirmation from Twitter and hope the money gets refunded to the victim.

Well, from the user’s side, there are specific measures to protect ourselves from attackers. But if the hackers gain access to the admin tool, then we can’t do anything in these cases. We have listed ten measures to make your social media account more secure.

How to protect your account from hackers?

  1. Add or update account recovery options.
  2. Turn on 2-step (2FA) verification.
  3. Remove risky access to your data.
  4. Turn on screen locks.
  5. Update your browser.
  6. Update your operating system.
  7. Update your apps.
  8. Use a unique and strong password.
  9. Remove third-party apps and browser extensions you don’t need.
  10. Avoid suspicious requests, emails, and web pages.

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Twitter has stated that they are working on the issue and will be sorted out soon. They have temporarily blocked tweets, resetting passwords for verified twitter accounts. Let’s hope for the quicker overhaul of the issue. And also be aware of these sorts of scams and unbiased schemes. Always have a fact check if you find anything suspicious and try to protect your self from these sorts of attacks.

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