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[Best] Virtual Credit Card (VCC) Provider Website Lists

The use of a Virtual Credit Card(VCC) is increasing day by day because of its features and security. Every person wants to create VCC in these days. There are hundreds of websites that provide a virtual credit card to you, but most of these Vcc is not working in every transaction. So, kick out this problem, we give you the top ten virtual credit card provider website lists according to their services.

First of all: What is Virtual Credit Card (VCC)?

Simply VCC is nothing but randomly generated numbers or code. This generated code is a temporary code that is only valid for some period or just for one transaction. After the card number is expired, the user can make another VCC. A virtual credit card is provided by some third party websites (not by banks). After making VCC from the site, you can link with your bank account to make online transactions.

                    Pros and cons of Virtual Credit Card(VCC) [Infographic]

Pros and cons of Virtual credit card(VCC)

Pros and cons of Virtual credit card(VCC)
Picture: Pros and cons of Virtual credit card(VCC)

We compare a large number of virtual credit card providers on the internet. So, we decide to enlists these best VCC websites, which give you the best Virtual Card in 2020.

These are the factors which we measure to rank VCC websites

  1. Making the process of VCC,
  2. Cost,
  3. Secure Transaction within a second,
  4. Limit and Unlimited making of VCC,
  5. Supporting countries and sectors,
  6. Fixed Exchange rates,
  7. Fraud protection,
  8. Least documents to create VCC,
  9. Easy to use,
  10. And other features.

List of best virtual credit card websites in 2020

1) Privacy VCC

privacy vcc homepage
Picture: HomePage of Homepage is the best virtual credit card for international payments. It is 100% FREE to use. They make money from the interchange paid by merchants.

It provides 3 types of cards to make VCC to customers.
Following are the Card types and pricing:

i) Personal Card- (Free forever)

  1. Zero price,
  2. Can generate 12 cards number per month,
  3. Secure merchant-locked & single-use cards,
  4. Pause and close cards,
  5. Set a limit price tag on each site.

ii) Pro Card –(individual)

  1. $10 per month,
  2. 1% cashback feature where you spends money,
  3. You can create 36 unique and new card numbers every month,
  4. You can hide transaction info,

iii) Teams–(Business)

    1. $25 per month,
    2. Dedicated account management,
    3. Create up to 60 cards per month(which is insane),
    4. Transaction limits tailored to your business.

Where can be used Privacy Virtual Credit Card?

  1. )VCC for Netflix,
    ii) Virtual Card for Paypal,
    iii) VCC for Amazon, Spotify, Walmart,
    iv) You can use this VCC in purchase hosting, domain,
    v) Can be used on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram boosting,
    vi) Online shopping.

Resources required to make free Virtual Card in

      1. Email ID;
      2. US phone number(Don’t worry, if you are from the outside USA then we also declare the method to use it)
      3. Your bank information to connect with Virtual Card.

2) Netspend VCC

Netspend HomePage

If you want a quick Master, Visa, and Virtual cards then Netspend is for you. It is a global payments website (you can make the transaction in every county). Netspend Virtual Cards is free to make and easy to make the transaction. You can make up to 6 temporary Virtual Cards for free in Netspend.

What are the products that Netspend Provides?

  1. Netspend Visa Prepaid Card which is issued by Axos Bank
  2. Netspend Master Card also issued by Axos Bank
  3. Netspend Virtual Credit Cards(VCC)
  4. Business Card
  5. Skylight One(For employees)

What services and features provided by Netspend Cards?

  • Free Cards
  • Direct Deposit (Pension, Tax refunds)
  • Reload Money in Cards from  over 130000 locations
  • Limit your payments in each sites from VCC
  • Increase you balance from cach back and refer a friend.
  • Netspend also provide low interest rate.

Pricing of Netspend

price list of netspend vcc
Picture: Price of Netspend Cards


3) Payoneer VCC

payoneer mastercard homepage
Picture: Payoneer HomePage

Payoneer is widely used virtual and plastic cards across 200 countries. If you want fast transaction, with high secure, low cost, great user interface then Payoneer VCC is for you. Basically, Payoneer is for freelancers, digital marketers, stock photographers, vacation rental hosts, online sellers etc.

Products provided by Payoneer

  1. Master Card
  2. Virtual Card

Where to use Payoneer Cards?

So, Payoneer main focus is a flexible payment solution for internet entrepreneurs. Following are the best websites to use Payoneer Card for online sellers, freelancers, stock photographers, digital marketers:

  1. Amazon, Rakuten, Wish, Cdiscount, Lazada for online sellers
  2. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, 99designs, Adobe, 99designs, topcoder, etc for freelancers.
  3. GettyImages, Shutterstock, etc for stock photographers
  4. DailyMotion, ClickBank, Tradedoubler, etc for digital marketers

Pricing in Payoneer Card

You can order the Payoneer Mastercard totally for free. After that:

  • Payoneer to Payoneer money transfer – Free
  • Vai marketplaces and network for example- Fiverr, Upwork, etc. – fee set by  marketplaces
  • Withdraw Payoneer fund via ATM – up to 2 %

4) Yandex VCC

Yandex is similar to Google, where they provide various services like a search engine, email service, browser, wallet, etc. that is own by a Russian company.

Yandex Virtual Money gives free virtual cards for one year.

Cards Provided by Yandex Money:

  1. Plastic MasterCard -$6.27 for three years
  2. Virtual Card – free of cost.

Pricing of Yandex VCC

You can get a free virtual card which is valid for one year. After that following cases are includes:

  • No charge in top-up funds.
  • Yandex Card takes three percent in withdrawal money.
  • You can get 1 percent cashback in every transaction.
  • Yandex deducts 3 percent of transfer money.

5) Neteller VCC

Neteller virtual card
Picture: Neteller HomePage

Neteller is founded in 1999 that provides businesses and individuals with a secure and straightforward way to move money online. Neteller is one of the reliable virtual card provider in the world. You can make a free Neteller account.

Services provided by Neteller

                        a) Virtual Cards
                        b) Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency
                        c) Neteller VIP
                        d) Affiliates marketing to earn money.

Steps to Create Neteller Virtual Card

Steps to create Neteller Virtual Cards

6) American Express VCC

american expression virtual card
Picture: American Expression Virtual Card

American Expression is an American based Virtual Card Provider where you can make Virtual Card in just a few clicks. If you need an urgent Virtual Card then American Expression is for you. American Express Virtual Cards can be used wherever American Express is accepted but foreign transactions may apply.
American Expression Virtual cards are mostly useful for freelancers, travelers, contractors to make flexible online payments. All Virtual transactions are done through   Amex mobile app. So, you can easily keep track of American Expression cards money. They also provide physical cards for personal purposes.

American Expression  provides the following cards:

1) Personal Cards
In Personal Cards they give Travel Credit Cards, Cashback Credit Cards, No annual fee Credit Cards for customers.
2) Business Credit Cards:
It includes  Travel Business Credit Cards, No Annual Fee Business Credit Cards, Flexible Payment Business Credit Cards, etc. Their cost is different according to function of virtual cards.
3) Prepaid Cards:
Prepaid Debit Card and Gifts Cards also available in American Expression.

7) Wirex VCC

Top virtual card provider wirexapp
Picture: Wirexapp HomePage

Wirex Virtual Card is the best website and app  provider for buying and selling Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Wirex is UK based VISA Cards, but its Virtual Cards can be used in worldwide where VISA is accepted. If you are planning for cryptocurrency transaction, then Wirex Card is the best platform for you. They provide 12 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Product and Services Provider by Wirex:

  • Wirex Visa Plastic Card and Virtual Card
    Visa Card and delivery are free of charge, but a monthly fee is $ 1.50.
  • Wirex Business Account:
    A Wirex Business Account allows flexible payment in 12 cryptocurrencies and traditional currency.
  • Wirex Token(WXT):
    Wirex token is a new cryptocurrency introduced by Wirex itself. According to Wirex WXT is universal fee and reward unit designed to help customers save on fees and access unique rewards.

Fees to use Wirex Cards:

  1. Free Card Delivery
  2. Deposits and Transfer amount between Wirex to Wirex Card – Free
  3. External debit/credit card top-up – 1 % on cryptocurrency
  4. Withdrawn amount in ATM –  $3.5 per transaction
  5. Refer a friend – earn $10.

Limits on Wirex Virtual Cards

  1. 10,000 USD per transaction and per day.
  2. You can withdraw $250 per day.
  3. Credit/debit card top-up 50 USD per day.
  4. For more Wirex read fees and limits

8) Ezzocard VCC

ezzocard virtual cards
Picture: Ezzocard Card

Ezzocard best virtual prepaid cards which is operated by VISA and Mastercard that is issued by US and Canadian banks. If you are searching for best virtual credit card for paypal verification then don’t think, go and grab in ezzocard.

Cards that are provider by Ezzocard:

  1.  Blue Card- Virtual Prepaid VISA
      There is no monthly fee in the blue virtual card. It is valid for 1 year. Accepted worldwide.
  2. Green Virtual Prepaid VISA Card:
    No monthly fee but it is only valid for 6 months. The card is accepted worldwide.
  3. Brown Virtual Prepaid Master Card:
    Free for 1 year but the monthly fee is $3 per month after 12 months. This card is valid for 3 years.

The main advantage of ezzocard is they don’t need any legal documents to verify your identity.

Where to use Ezzocard Virtual Credit Cards?

  1. Online shop(eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc),
  2. Paypal verification(Steps to Verify PayPal)
  3. iOffer
  4. Google Adwords
  5. AlertPay
  6. Domain purchase and Hosting(Hostgator, GoDaddy, Namecheap etc) Use VPN to purchase this
  7. Google Playstore
  8. Netflix
  9. Betting sites etc.

Price to Buy Ezzocard Virtual Cards:

prices of ezzocard virtual cards
Picture: List of Ezzocard Virtual Cards

Ps: You can also buy Ezzocard VCC from crpytocurencies bitcoin, ethereum etc.

9) Walmart Money Card:

walmart money card
Picture: Walmart Money Card

Walmart Money Card is only available in US which is provided by Walmart. This card is mainly best  used for Walmart purchase.

Features of Walmart Money Card

  • Earn 3 % cash back at, 2 % on cashback on Walmart USA fuel station and 1 % on Walmart stores.
  • No deposit costs from MoneyCard.
  • No monthly fee
  • Chance to win $1000 monthly.
  • You can order 4 cards for your children.
  • Save up to $75 per year in Walmart purchase.

10) Dreamweaver VCC

dreamweaver virtual credit card
Picture: Dreamweaver VCC

Dreamweaver VCC is the best VCC for paypal verification. They provide all types of VCC but these cards are quite expensive.

VCC provided by Dreamweaver with price

  • Paypal Virtual Credit Card(VCC)- $10
  • Amazon VCC – $10
  • $1 loaded VCC – Mainly used for free trial version websites like Netflix – $1
  • Netflix VCC etc

Conclusion: We enlist top Virtual Card (VCC) providers websites. All sites have their features and characteristics. Some top VCC providers like Entropy and Worldcare stops to provide cards. Among all of the above top Virtual Card providers, we regularly use like Privacy VCC, Payoneer VCC and Yandex VCC. We suggest you use according to your requirement, location and budget.

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Studied BCA(Bachelor In Computer Application), Bhuwan is a self-taught SEO Specialist and Blogger. He has been working for one of the biggest Fintech company in Nepal. Bhuwan believes in consistency and hard work. Also, he is the SEO specialist in 99Aana which is Nepal’s No. 1 property portal. Stay in touch with Bhuwan via social media.

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