Top adBlockers Extension of Google Chrome

Top 5 Ad blockers Extension of Google Chrome

Ever been frustrated by the annoying and frequent advertisements? Don’t worry; this article is all about the top 5 adBlockers Extension of Google Chrome.

Facing the advertisements is irritating. You aren’t able to focus on the content you want to access. Also, the annoying ads on the Youtube videos, full of ads on website aren’t satisfying. So kick out this problem, we have listed the top five AD blockers for google Chrome extension.

Some of the benefits of using AdBlockers are:

  1. Improves Page load speed of any websites.
  2. Improves browser load speed.
  3. Widely decreases bandwidth.
  4. It reduces the memory usages of the pages(Websites) you visit.
  5. Protects your privacy.

List of top adBlockers Extension of Google Chrome

AdBlocker Ultimate (Adware and Virus Blocking)

Adblocker ultimate is a free and improvised AdBlocker for Chrome. It blocks all sorts of advertisements on all the websites. This extension is designed with a singular purpose so that you can focus on your work without any distraction and access the content without any disturbance.

Some of the Key features of AdBlocker Ultimate are:

  1. No “acceptable” Advertisements
  2. Blocks malware and tracking
  3. Blocks all sort of Advertisements
  4. Enhances user experience by filtering unwanted content

It allows you to accept Ads from the website you want. AdBlocker doesn’t include “acceptable Ads” or a sponsored ad.  Additionally, also blocks the malicious domain and prevents malware attacks. You can avoid the annoying ads in the middle of the video (Including Youtube). It is available in 21 different languages with 800,000+ users.

The types of Ads that AdBlocker Ultimate can block are:

  1. Webmail Advertisements
  2. Text Advertisements
  3. Pop-up Advertisements
  4. Overlay Advertisements
  5. Pop-under Advertisements
  6. Banner Advertisements
  7. In-video Advertisements
  8. Facebook sponsored Advertisements
  9. Interstitial page Advertisements

For any support or queries, Visit the Developer’s support website.

Adblocker Ultimate is an open-source program. You can easily access the source code from Github.

Ghostery- Privacy Adblocker (Advanced Privacy)

Ghostery is a strong and secure privacy extension. This extension speeds up the load time of websites by blocking Advertisements and stopping trackers.  It is accessible in 14 different languages. It blocks all sorts of websites. You can choose the website on which you want to see advertisements and give credit to the website. It has over 2,000,000+ users.

Some of the advantages of Ghostery -Privacy Ad Blocker are:

  1. Block Advertisements

Its built-in Adblocker removes all the possible ads from various websites and enhances your user experience. You can focus on the content wisely.

  • Protect your privacy

Ghostery allows you to block all the trackers from different websites and control which sites can track your information/activity. Ghostery chrome extension helps to protect further privacy issues.

  • Browse Faster

Its smart blocking feature enhances user experience by speeding up page load speed by blocking the tracker on all the websites you visit.

  • Customize your display

Ghostery offers multiple numbers of displays and insights(reports) so that you can see the content that applies to you.

If you have any questions or face problems, contact the support team of Ghostery.

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uBlock origin

Ublock origin is an efficient and lite Ads blocker chrome extension which is easy on CPU and memory of your device. It’s a wide-spectrum content blocker to enhance the efficiency of CPU and mind as a prime feature. Also, uBlock Origin is unrelated to the website “” it has over 10,000,000 + downloads and is accessible in 49 different languages

These are lists that uBlock Origin filters (features) on the website you visit:

  1. Easy List (Advertisements)
  2. EasyPrivacy (Trackers)
  3. Peter lowe’s Advertisement server list (Advertisements and tracking)
  4. Unsecured/Malware Domains
  5. Spam404
  6. MVPS Hosts

moreover, you can block the JavaScript locally or globally and create your own rules and filter many more from the advanced features. It’s an open-source program with a public license (GPLv3).

For support, you can contact the support team via their support service on the Extensions page on chrome web store.

Adblock Plus-free ad blocker (Open source program)

Adblock Plus-free ad blocker is one of the most popular and trusted adblocker on the internet marketplace. It blocks all sorts of Advertisements and trackers form the website you visit. The users get a better user experience without any Ad interruption on sites like youtube. It has over 10,000,000 + users an is accessible in 53 different languages.

Some of the critical features of Adblock Plus-free ad blocker are:

  1. Blocks pop-up Advertisements
  2. Automatically blocks annoying ads and banners on the middle of videos
  3. Blocks trackers to prevent your privacy
  4. Faster browsing experience
  5. It has customization features like whitelisting the websites you want to give credit for the Advertisements.
  6. Free support service
  7. Full control the user experience

Note: Adblock Plus will have full access to your browsing history and data on the browser. As per their description on the Chrome web store, they have mentioned that “We Never collect any user information.”

If you face any problems or you have any queries, then visit their official website for support service.

Fair AdBlocker (Block Google Advertisements)

Fair AdBlocker is highly rated among users. It blocks malware, annoying ads, popups, tracking(Including Facebook and youtube). It has over 1,000,000 + users and is accessible in 17 different languages.

The types of Ads that Fair AdBlocker blocks are:

  1. Pop-up ads
  2. Overlay and expanding ads
  3. Ads that appear in email accounts
  4. Youtube ads
  5. Interstitial page ads
  6. Pop-under ads

You will be having full control over your usage. Also, you can whitelist the websites you like. It is faster and more efficient comparing the rest AdBlockers. It uses smart algorithms to identify and block trackers, advertisements, and unwanted content.

Unlike Adblock plus Fair Adblocker doesn’t track us; rather, it prevents us from being tracked. Fair Adblocker doesn’t have access to your online activity.

For extra support, service, visit their official website.


So from the above-mentioned information, you can quickly determine the right adblocker extension for you. It’s better to choose the Adblocker as per your requirements and which has better user experience, support service, features, and secure privacy.

Also, if you have any other favorite top adBlockers Extension of Google Chrome on your list, do mention in the comment section.

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