Benefits Of Having .EDU Email Address

advantages of having .EDU email address

You can get a massive discount(Some free and some are paid) on more than 100+ products and services if you have a.EDU email address. From Github Student Developer Pack(70+ tools) to discount on entertainment, from the discount on best software to music, hosting service .edu email can save you more than $1000 on subscription. What is EDU Email Address? EDU Email Address is an email address that is provided by universal, college, and school for their students and staff. When you got admission to a USA university or college, they…

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How To Delete Search History From Social Networking and Search Engine

 When you want to remove search in your search history account, it is a little bit difficult to remove history because different Social Media and Search Engine has various option to remove search history. Social Media, Search Engine sites always store our history to better optimization and performance, but when we feel uncomfortable for security reason or other reason, then we can remove everything search on the internet. Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  Search Engine like Google, Bing, etc. all store our search history.   The primary…

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How To Delete Internet Accounts From Just One Website

When you don’t need Internet Accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Instagram, Microsoft, Samsung, DropBox account, etc. which are made from your Gmail Account, you can Delete these Account in just one click from a single website. So you don’t need to go individual website setting and find to delete the account. Deleting Accounts Id is not easy because every unique site has its unique setting page. So we bring you one website that can delete your whole Accounts which are directly linked with Email.  But First of all,…

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