Stop Chrome from blocking downloads

How To Stop Google Chrome From Blocking Downloads

Google chrome is always concerned about the user’s privacy and security. So chrome tries to block the downloads from unsecured websites. Usually, chrome prompts the warning when you try to download the file from websites that don’t have an SSL certificate. So it warns you, stating that chrome has found a malicious file and blocked the download. For this reason, I will tutor you to stop chrome from blocking downloads repeatedly from the same website.

Before each download, the browser tries to prevent viruses and malicious files from downloading. So, the pop-up is prompted on your screen. It prevents your device from malicious virus attacks or any other injection.

Sometimes, the websites are genuine, and the files are legit. But chrome blocks the download from the website, not every time the users are happy with it. It’s quite frustrating to see chrome blocking downloads from your trusted or legit website. This issue usually occurs in file conversion websites like files into ZIP or vice-versa.

Follow the below-mentioned steps (Screenshots of steps included) to prevent chrome from blocking downloads.

How to stop chrome from blocking downloads

  1. On the top right of the browser, click on the three vertical dots.
    3 vertical dots on top right of google chrome
  2. Click on Settings.
    Settings panel under 3 vertical dots
  3. Navigate and click on privacy and security.
    Privacy and security tab in google chrome
  4. Click on security.
    Security based settings in chrome browser
  5. Disable Help improve security on the web for everyone.
    Disabling safe browse setting to stop chrome from blocking downloads
  6. Now, you can download files from any website you desire.

Note: After disabling the Help improve security on the web for everyone, you will lack a major security feature from your browser. 

This feature sends URLs of some pages you visit, limited system information, and some page content to Google to discover new threats and protect everyone on the web. In short, it prevents users from phishing and malicious sites. So immediately turn on the feature after you download the file from your preferred website.

Do not forget to re-enable the feature. It has tons of benefits for your privacy and security while browsing the internet in google chrome. Here is the list of the benefits of using safe browsing tools in google chrome.

Benefits of using safe browsing tools in google chrome

  1. Users will get alerts about the malware.
  2. Risky extensions are prevented from installing.
  3. Prevents visiting from potentially risky and phishing sites.
  4. Secures user’s privacy and credentials like ID’s and passwords.
  5. Prevention of automatic download from any website.

Frequently asked questions on Google Chrome

Can I turn off the safe browsing settings in Google Chrome?

It depends upon what you are using on your browser. If you are visiting a dangerous or untrusted website, it is a total risk. But you can visit trusted and safe websites by disabling the safe mode. However, it is recommended to always surf the internet enabling safe browsing.

Will Google Chrome block phishing sites?

Now, Google will warn users when they visit any potential phishing site. Google has taken this step to prevent the user’s from malicious attacks or any cyber attacks.

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Let’s wrap up!

Concerning the safety of the internet, it is always recommended not to disable any of Google’s preferred settings and features. Sometimes the Google chrome blocks download from websites, which is quite annoying but beneficial. For better security and privacy, download the files only from trusted and legit websites.

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