How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

How To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

No doubt, Avast is the most promising antivirus software in the world. They have more than 400 million users. They have also launched Avast Secure Browser. In fact, I have been an Avast Secure user for the past four months. I really like it. They have Ads blocker, Malware Detector, Anti- Tracking, and many more. But, what I recently face is Avast browser opening automatically on Startup.

And also, I notice that Avast Secure Browser consumes more CPU processing power and memory. So, stopped it from starting.

Avast takes too much RAM and CPU processing power

If you have the same problem in Avast, don’t worry, I will cover each process to stop the browser from opening on Startup without uninstalling it. If you want to delete the Avast browser, then you can delete it. 

So, let’s dive into it.

Method- 1 To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

  1. Go to Task Manager or press CTRL + SHIFT +Esc
  2. Click on Startup, Right Click on Avast Secure Browser, and click Disable.
    steps to stop avast secure browser from opening on startup
  3. Boom! After that, the Avast browser cannot start automatically.

This above method will help your problem on all windows versions like XP, 7,8, and 10.

But, wait if the above method does not work for you, then we have another way to stop from opening automatically.

When you update Avast Secure browser, this Startup may automatically enable by default. In this case, you may try this method to tackle this issue.

Method- 2 To Stop Avast Browser From Opening On Startup

  1. Go to Start>Setting>Apps>Startup>Avast Browser Or Press Windows Key + I

  2. Find Avast Secure Browser and Turn Off Startup 
    select startup from setting and turn off avast browser
  3. Well done, after that the browser won’t open automatically when you start the computer.

Note: If you update Windows or Avast Browser to a new version, this may also open by default on Startup. To stop, you can follow the same methods.

Avast Secure browser is the most used browser for me because they have AdBlock and hackcheck features I like most. If you are a guy who works or surfs on third-party pop-up ads, for example, free watch live streams on third party sites or free movies, you should definitely go for Avast Security browser. One thing I don’t particularly appreciate that they consume more RAM and CPU space than Mozilla Firefox. But, that’s ok if you have 4 + Gb RAM. 

You can simply go to the Avast website and choose your device OS. They also have Browser on Mac, Android, and Windows. 

If you don’t like it, I recommend you to use Google Chrome or Firefox browser. To be fair, I am currently using Google Chrome for work because they have incredible features, including multi-user sign in, easy interface, and also different extensions to block ads.

FAQ on Avast Browser Startup

How do I stop Avast Browser from running at Startup?

You can stop from Task Manager.  To stop it, press CTRL + SHIFT +Esc, right-click on Avast browser, and click on End Task.

How do I stop my browser from opening on Startup?

You can disable all types of browser from Task Manager.  Press CTRL + SHIFT +Esc click on Startup, select browser right-click, and click on Disable.

Why does my browser keep opening by itself?

If your browser keeps opening itself with some strange URL, then there may be Malware. Make sure to enable all security features provided by Avast Secure browser. If this does not work then, scan from Malwarebytes.

Is Avast Secure Browser safe to use?

No doubt, they are the most secure browser available in the market. All security features like Anti-TrackingAnti-Phishing, Ads Blocker, Webcam Guard, Extension Guard, Password Managers are my favorites. 

Is Avast secure browser better than Chrome ?

There is no comparison on both of them. Because both have significant features for users. I use Avast Browser for watching live streams because it is more secure, Google Chrome for work. After all, it is easy to integrate google accounts. 

Avast Browser Keep opening on Startup after updating Browser ?

You can solve this issue by Repairing Avast Secure browser. Just go to Apps & Features, choose an app, and click on repair.  


To stop an Avast browser from opening on Startup is very simple, you just need to go to the task manager and disable it. If your browser consumes more memory and CPU, you may consider to delete it. 

I hope these methods solve your problem. Comment down below to what’s your opinion on Avast Secure Browser? 

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