Basic Steps to Follow While Build Proper Website(Infographic)

steps to follow while design website

Building a website that delights your users is an essential part of every website builders. If you want to to create a proper website, then a few steps will help you to understand website building techniques.

Following are the 10 steps to make a satisfying website:(Detail in Infographic)

  1.  Identify user requirements and needs,

  2. Create a basic structure,

  3. Make a perfect sitemap for your page,

  4. Write excellent content with SEO strategy(Learn basic SEO),

  5. Choose a perfect website hosting plan,

  6. Select a catchy domain,

  7. Design your website,

  8. Add regularly content to your website,

  9. Choose the right language,

  10. Publish your website.

Basic Steps to Follow While Build Proper Website
Picture: Steps to make a perfect website

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