top website to increase instagram followers

Top Websites To Increase Instagram Followers

Are you surfing the internet to increase Instagram followers, you are in the right place.We enlist 15 website to increase instagram followers/likes for free or you can also buy if you want to

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms to show off and promote your brand and business. It has some unique features, amazing algorithms, and is a spirited podium to boost up your followers and brands. I have seen a lot of articles motivating you all to increase Instagram followers. Most posts are spreading the tips to increase the followers, but this blog post is going to be unlike others.

I am going to tutor you in advanced and easy ways to gain Instagram followers instantly. The mentioned trials are free to use to get followers on Instagram in faster ways.

Here’s a proof(Screenshot) for you. I have used the following sites to increase my followers for free. You can see the before and after results of the number of followers.

before and after increasing instagram followers
Picture: before and after followers (Free)

List of 15 Websites to increase Instagram followers:-

1) FreezLike

increase instagram followers from freezlike
Picture : Freezlike Homepage

FreezLike provides fascinating and exclusive tools to promote your social media profile. Along with Instagram, this site provides tools to promote other social media profiles like Tiktok, facebook, twitter, Reddit, etc. 

Features of Freezlike

  • Promotes overall social media profiles
  • Exclusive & fascinating tools

2) social enablers

increase followers from social enablers
Picture: Instagram follower increase: Homepage

Social Enablers is one of the easily customizable websites to increase Instagram followers. There are a ton of blogs related to Instagram profile/Business promotion. SocialEnablers rank your Instagram account to the very peak, enabling you to be followers’ preferred in an instantaneous.

Features of Social enablers

  • Blog posts
  • free Instagram followers instantly

3) Mrinsta

likes and followers from Mrinsta
Picture: Instagram login page for increasing followers and likes

Mrinsta is the best Marketplace for your social Media Content. It has a free Instagram follower tool along with some premium tools that provide you amazing Instagram likes and followers plans. It has served over 1,000,000 users and has delivered over 47 Million Instagram Followers. Mrinsta has been providing these tools for free since 2013 A.D.

Features of Mrinsta

  • get free Instagram followers
  • premium tools

Check Out

4) Social Caption

instagram followers gaining from Social caption
Picture: Login page for Instagram follower increasement

Social Caption includes features like Automatic growth. It boosts your productivity by the AI-powered growth modules that acquiesce results up to 100X times faster than the manual interaction. It shows you Real-time results with Auto direct message to new users. It is easy to use and customize the site.

Features of Social Caption

  • 100X times faster growth
  • Organic and real followers

5) Ezlikers

insta follower and likes increase
Picture: Login page for auto likes and follower increasement

Ezlikers provides you more interactive facilities on your profile with tons of comments and views on videos with free Instagram followers and free likes. You should log in with your Instagram ID and password to get auto likes and followers. Since the system is fully encrypted, nobody will be able to access your data.

Features of Ezlikers

  • Fully encrypted system
  • Faster auto likes and followers
  • Video and story views

6) Insta Growing

In Insta growing, you need to select a package and log in with your Id and Password. It is secure, fast, and provides quality Instagram followers. In the case of premium packages, they have the policy of money-back guarantee too.

Features of Insta Growing

  • secure, fast, and provides quality Instagram followers
  • money-back guarantee on premium tools

This May Helpful For You

7) FreeInsta

Free Insta is a Turkish based site providing Instagram followers,  likes, video views easily. It provides amazing tools like Live Broadcast views. Its premium tools start from 5$ to 35$. This site is secure. So, feel free to use the site.

Features of Free Insta

  • Premium tools
  • Blog posts
  • Video views, auto likes

8) Instagram Takipçi Hilesi

On this website, you can log in every 2 hours and get 100 free likes and organic and real followers on Instagram. Since the website is in a different language, you can translate and use it. There is a list of premium lists too.

Features of Instagram takipci hilesi

  • Gain Instagram followers faster
  • Premium tools


Upleap provides you, Instagram followers, with a dedicated Account manager. You can increase likes followers and social exposure from upleap. This site can end up you being a social media influencer. Though it is free, it provides premium tools too, starting from 39$ to 99$ per month.

Features of Upleap

  • Increase social exposure
  • Become social media influencer
  • Premium tools


GlowInsta comes with a unique tool named i.e. who unfollowed me on Instagram. That’s the feature probably some of you are surfing? It provides tools for different social media platforms like facebook, Tiktok, youtube, etc. you can even buy Instagram followers according to your pricing and budget.

Features of GlowInsta

  • Unique tool ‘ who unfollowed me on Instagram.’
  • Overall social media account promotion

11)SEO-Fast ranks

SEO-Fast ranks provide you a versatile feature for social Media promotion along with website promotion and SEO tools. This site has good customer reviews and is safe to use. There are tons of premium tools too for the promotion of Instagram account.

Features of SEO-fast ranks

  • Premium tools
  • Versatile tools
  • Blog posts

12) Famoid

Famoid provides some surprising ways to increase or gain followers on Instagram fast. It provides Instagram services along with youtube and facebook services. It has provided 55049077 plus followers to the users along with 45218885 plus likes delivered. This site provides premium tools too.

 Features of Famoid

  • One hundred free Instagram followers on the first trial.
  • Increase followers and subscribers on Facebook, Instagram, youtube
  • Blog posts

13) Begenipanelim

You should log in to increase the followers. It can even increase your followers by 100 per day. If you have some queries, you can check the site’s blog. There are tons of blog posts and help posts to promote your account. There are fascinating premium tools too.

Features of Begenipanelim

  • Blog posts
  • Premium tools
  • Easy gaining of followers and auto likes

14) Takiphilesi

From this site, you can increase your followers and sell your desired products. Several blog posts can help you to increase Instagram followers instantly in the mentioned site. This site doesn’t include any premium tools.

Features of Takiphilesi

  • No premium tools
  • Blog posts
  • Free auto likes and followers

15) Social Monk

Among all the websites, this is a unique site. You can even hire an account manager. You can target your followers according to their interests. You can gain Instagram followers and likes easily. This site has a feature of free Instagram followers trial.

Features of Social Monk

  • Free Instagram followers trial
  • Hire an account manager
  • Target followers

Conclusion: In this blog, I have tutored how to increase Instagram followers. . There are not any affiliate links or paid promotions. All these websites to increase Instagram followers and likes are genuine and safe to use.

Bhuwan Dahal

Studied BCA(Bachelor In Computer Application), Bhuwan is a self-taught SEO Specialist and Blogger. He has been working for one of the biggest Fintech company in Nepal. Bhuwan believes in consistency and hard work. Also, he is the SEO specialist in 99Aana which is Nepal’s No. 1 property portal. Stay in touch with Bhuwan via social media.

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