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What Happens If You Shutdown PC During Windows Update

Windows operating system has been the most common operating system since its establishment. There are 400 million active users of Windows 10.

It’s convenient and easy to use even for end-users who are beginners in using computers. In older days Windows Xp,7,8 was the more popular. 

Shutting down a PC during a windows update can damage the computer system. The update files and patches will be corrupted and won’t be installed completely.

In this article, I will explain the consequence that can occur when you turn off your pc while windows update. Before that here are quick information on windows 10 and the reason behind its popularity.

A quick look on the past

After the release of windows 10 on July 29, 2015, the Operating system marketplace has been the topic of common interest. The release of Windows 10 was like a fuel in the fire.

There was a rapid increase in customers of Windows 10 and is the best version of the operating system to date.

Should you turn off while updating?

The latest update was the ‘May 2020’ update which was decent and had some improvements. But the most annoying part of the Windows operating system is its update.

It’s time-consuming and while shutting down it asks for ‘Update and shutdown’. You don’t have the best option so you tend to do it.

should you shut down or not while windows update

You should never turn off your PC while updating. Take note, I am repeating the answer is NO. Don’t do that.

But wait, What if you turn off your Laptop or computer while windows update? 

The answer is “you will have a high chance of facing a nightmare.”

If you already turned off and want to know the consequences, well you are in the right place. We have listed some major consequences that can occur if you turn off your pc while windows update.

Similar to human beings, a computer doesn’t like any interruptions while it’s assigned to do a particular task. The same applies to your device while the windows update.

During the windows update, your machine has to pass through 2 different stages. 

Consequences on Shutdown PC During Windows Update (Different stages)

In this stage, your device downloads the packages and the necessary files for the update. If you turn off your computer or laptop during this stage, then there are two different possibilities from it.

consequences when your turn off your device

Downloading updates ( You might be safe)

Your device will be shut down as regular and you can continue the update after opening it, but this possibility is quite rare in numbers.

Possibility one (Totally safe)

The first possibility is free of consequences. If you turn off your PC, then the download process will be paused and the update patches will be stored in system files of your PC/laptop.

Possibility two ( I guess it’s quite dangerous)

The second possibility is similar to the previous one, but in this case, your partially downloaded update files will be corrupted.

 In the former possibility, the process of downloading update files will start over where it stopped. But if it gets corrupted ( as a second possibility) it starts from the beginning. 

When your files get damaged it may lead to damage to other system files too. 

Installation of updates

Similar to the previous stage ( Downloading updates), while installing updates there can be two different consequences.

Possibility one ( EXPLORER.EXE)

In this case, your pc gets shut down, but it gets updated partially. The windows explorer (EXPLORER.EXE) process will be stopped. 

You don’t need to do anything, well you don’t have any option to do. You can only expect that your update gets successful without any hassle.

Possibility two ( The real Nightmare)

Here, your PC will be shuffled and it can’t make any decisions. Concurrently there will be two commands going on that’s the installation of downloaded update files and stopping the update forcefully. Here your PC can’t be stable and you can only wait and watch the further consequences.

And hope that the system gets restored and works normally.

So what’s the solution for it


It totally depends upon what sort of update is going on, and what particular time you shut down your PC.

There can be different outcomes of turning off your PC while windows update.

solution for turning off pc during a windows update
  • Nothing at all happening, and Windows resuming the installation process next time you shutdown.
  • A non-vital program file becomes corrupted and causes some features of the OS to become unusable and crash.

Which could possibly be fixed by using Windows Restore to “restore Windows to an earlier state.”

  • A non-bootable system that has to fix using one of two methods:
  1. Using a Windows Recovery CD to check and repair errors.
  2. A complete reinstall of Windows.

A major solution is to engage your self is using social media while update. Hook on with Instagram, messenger, or your favorite app.

Concerning the common confusion, I have answered some frequently asked questions when you turn off the PC while windows update.

Frequently asked questions

Will my PC get hardware damage?

Microsoft has worked hard on frequently crashed/BSOD’d systems. ( BSOD = Black screen of death). So we can’t expect a BSOD error, on an interrupted windows update.

How long should I wait?

Well, you must have patience and shouldn’t interrupt it frequently. But you might be wondering why people love Windows 10 as compared to other operating systems.

What happens if I lose connection during windows update?

When you lose your internet connection your installing or downloading of updates will be paused and when the Internet connection is back it will be continued where it stopped.

But you shouldn’t close your PC if you lose internet connection rather wait for some time and continue the update after the internet connection is normal.

Also, have a look at why Windows 10 is so popular in today’s period of time. We have listed five major reasons behind the popularity of Windows 10.

Why windows 10?


Comparatively, the Windows Operating system is smoother and provides a consistent workflow to customers. The newer version of DirectX 12 and 3D engine boosts the speed more precisely.

Start menu

After the replacement of the start screen of Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the start menu on windows 10. The start menu was firstly seen on Windows 95 and wasn’t appreciated by the users during that period. 

The start menu has extensive features and tools like file optimization, Cortana, search and you can see your recently opened software.


Windows 10 has handy tools and a convenient UI. If someone is completely new in using a computer then I prefer him/her to start using Windows 10  ( I did the same). The file division is easy to understand and you have action center for quick tools.

Apps movies and games

Apps movies and games can be easily accessed using the Microsoft Store App. you will be able to access both free and paid apps. Windows 7 doesn’t provide the Microsoft store feature.

Moreover, Windows 10 has fascinating productivity apps like people, mail, maps, photos, videos, calendars, music, and many more. 

Also, it has all in one center for accessing these features i.e Office 365.

One drive

Storing files and information has always been a matter of concern. Moreover, the file backup is also the main issue. One drive is introduced with the same objective. 

It allows users to backup their data online. In simple terms, you just need to log in with Microsoft Account, if you don’t have an account create it, it’s free.

 After that save your data in One drive file location and it will automatically be stored online once you are connected with the internet.

Let’s wrap up

So concluding the whole topic it’s not suitable or suggested to close your pc while windows update. However, if you close it don’t instantly take out the battery (In case of a laptop) or don’t take off the power supply. It may lead to uncertain damage to your laptop or computer.

Honestly, I too feel bored as you all during a windows update. So comment down your precautions and experience while a windows update. Do you find it interesting or annoyed? Let me know in the comment section. 


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