Why Government Doesn’t Shutdown Dark Web?

Why Government Doesn’t Shutdown Dark Web?

Simple answer: No one can control Dark Web, even the who made the Dark Web. If you think that Dark Net is developed by criminal’s programmers and hackers, then you are wrong. If you also think that Dark web is invented for criminal’s activity, then you are also wrong. So, why the hell all internet criminals activity like hacking, snooping, child pornography, cracking, hit-man hire, fake password & citizens, guns and drug business, etc. are done in Dark Web? And why the government cannot ban Dark Web?

Then only a few people know that Dark Web was made by U.S. Military System to communicate and store secrets military documents. After a time, the dark web is available for Journalists to communicate with whistleblowers(a person who leaked secret files of Organization or Government) anonymously and now for every people on the earth.

Some people do not know the Dark Web and Deep web. They think that Dark and Deep Web is similar, but it is not. Let me give you a definition of dark and deep web internet with an example:

The reason why the Government cannot ban Dark Web:

  • Purpose of using Dark Web:

Most of the people called Dark Web as criminal activity place I’m sure you are one of them, we also think that Dark Web is known for illegal activity but inside something different. One thing you should be clear that there is no horror, Illuminati, god, etc that shown in some YouTube channel. So, have to clear in that confusion. Here we just talk about a legal activity that government and organization are used. Some of the advantages and purpose of the Dark Web are as follows:

  1. The dark web is used in the military system for communication secretly.
  2. Dark Web plays an essential role for journalists. For example, some of the journalists want to publish news anonymously, or their life may be in danger.
  3. For whistle-blower(person who leaked hidden or essential information of specific organization) dark web plays a significant role to publish some sensitive information on the internet.
  4. Some people want to be anonymous. They don’t want to use the surface web, so they use dark web social media like facebook or playing games, read the news, send an email, etc.


First of all, please do not use  Dark Web unless you have proper knowledge about it because Dark Web for public people is full of illegal stuff.Check your information is leaked in dark web or not. If you involve in this activity, then you will be trouble in the future.

So stay away from illegal activities.  

The reason why the Government cannot ban Dark Web:

I want to ask you simple question: How could government ban Dark web when they already use in their essential task likes communicates between military system, store secret and sensitive files, communicates with journalists, etc.?

Let me give you a clear example of using the Dark Web and Deep Web:

Example: 1

Suppose you study in college one day you go to the library and steal a book without anybody permission, but there is a CCTV camera in it. Now, you know this is illegal activity, but they also know what happened in the library? Obviously yes, they will punish you at a charge of stealing a book from the library.

This above example is similar to the Surface and Deep Web. They know about us, what we are doing, what we are searching and serving on the internet. All activity in Surface Web and Deep Web could be easily traced by an authorized company like government, ISP(Internet Service Provider), Google, Facebook Amazon, etc. So, you cannot run away from it.

Example: 2

Same above You steal a book from the library, but there is no CCTV camera in the library; this is also an illegal activity, right? They know that the book is stolen from someone but not from whom. So, they cannot punish you because they don’t know about you. They only know that the book is gone.

Yes! The same case is implemented in Dark Web. The government knows people are doing illegal activity but not from whom. So, that is the reason why the government cannot find and punish the people who are involved in the illegal activity of Dark Web.

Some research said that more than 70% people visit Dark Web for illegal activity like watching child pornography, hire hacker and hitman, drugs and guns buying selling, cracking and carding, etc. 10% people use to gain knowledge from Dark Web and rest is used in legal purpose.

Some of illegal website of Dark Web close by FBI:

Picture: Illegal Dark Web Sites Closed by FBI

As we mention above, we need to use a particular onion router(Tor browser) to access the Dark web. We also suggest that US Naval Research Center invented the Dark web. So, the US government put a lot of money, time, effort to handle the Dark web. But when bitcoin was invented in 2006, things go illegal and wrong. People use it Dark Web to earn money.

In short, there are some points why the government cannot shut down the Dark web:

i)Governments use as communicating and storing sensitive information in it.

ii)Military Force uses as a means of communication, so that no one can track them.

iii)Freedom of speech to the public people and journalists.

iv)Nobody can control and own the whole internet.

Extra:Tor is an open-source project which allows us to use anonymously so that no one can trace. Tor provides a layer of security to the people. Tor project is a non-profit organization like Firefox. According to some research, 50% of their funds are coming from the US government, and the rest is other peoples.

Bhuwan Dahal

Bhuwan Dahal

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