how to solve headphone icon not showing on android

How To Show Headphone Icon On Android

So many problems with Android phones, especially Samsung. Recently my phone was on headphone mode, but after some time, a friend from my phone is not showing the headphone icon after plug-in the headphones. So, in this article, I’m drafting different methods to show the headphone icon on Android.

This is not a major problem because you will hear sound on headphones or earphones. The only issue is that you cannot see any headphone icon on the notification bar or status bar. Sometimes this may conflict with whether the headphones are connected or not. 

See this picture; when Earphone/headphone is connected, it shows Earphone Connected after that it disappears. 

So, let’s dive into the solution of not showing Headphone Icon on your Android phone. These below methods work for all types of Android versions.

I am going to show you two different methods to get a Headphone icon.

Method 1:

Install Headphones Indicator From Playstore:

This is the easiest and fastest method to show a headphone icon on the notification. Follow this method:

  1. Install and Open Headphones Indicator app 
  2. Click on Enable Notification.
    click on enable notification to show headphone icon on notification bar
  3. Plug-in Headphone/earphone jack. See the icon on the phone.
    headphone icon appear on status bar

Note: After app installation, you don’t have to run this app in the background. You can simply close this app.

This may not work for all devices. If not working, follow the second method.

Method 2:

By Enable System UI Tuner On Android 10/9 Pie

Basically, this option helps us to enable or disable status bar Icons and DND options on Android. 

How To Enable System UI Tuner?

In this article, I’m going to show you from Android Version 10 so, if you have a different Android version (i.e., above 6.0.1 Marshmallow), then you can follow this System UI Tuner article.

This feature may only be available to Marshmallow and the above android version.

Enable System UI Tuner

  1. Install Nova Launcher from the play store.
  2. Long Press on Home Screen.
    long press on home page to enable system ui runer
  3. Choose Widgets.
    click on widget to enable system ui runer for headset
  4. Press Long on Activities and Drag to the home screen.
    press long and drag into homepage
  5. Scroll down(alphabetical order on S) tab System UI.
    click on system and choose demo mode its will drag automatically on homepage
  6. Choose the System UI demo mode.
  7. It will drag into the home page, open it, and select the Status bar. (Enabled System UI Tuner).
  8. Now, Enable Headset.
    click on enable headset to show headphone icon on status bar

Well done, now you can see the headphone icon on your status bar. 

Frequently Asked Question on Headphone Icon

Does Enable System UI Tuner help to show the headphone icon on Android?

Yes, it helps, but first, you have to enable it. There are different methods to enable it; I show you with a nova launcher.

Why Do I need to Enable the Headphone icon on Android?

Well, it’s very important to know if your headphone jack is currently plug-in or not. This may be important in Public transportation, office, or public places.

Which is the best and easy method to fix a headphone icon, not showing?

For me, the easiest and quickest way to solve the headphone icon is by installing the Headphone Indicator from the play store and enabling all notifications.

Why is my phone not reading my headphones?

Check Audio Setting and restart device may help. If you still face the same problem, then there may be a headphone or phone jack problem.


These above methods work for Android devices like Samsung, Oppo, VIVO, Redmi, OnePlus, and many more. If the App installation method does not work, you have to Enable System UI Tuner according to your Android Version. Or You can also install the System UI Tuner app from the play store (root access) and connect with the laptop to enable it.

 Well, the headphone icon is not important if it delivers quality sound. But if not, then you have to find another solution.

Hope your problem is solved. Let me know in the comment section.

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