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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android After Factory Reset

As you may have distinct, performing a  factory reset will delete all the files from Android. The files including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music files, documents, etc. It can happen in many cases. If you accidentally factory reset your phone without caring about essential photos on your phone, then don’t panic. With this post on how to recover delete files on android after the factory reset, we have your back.

Method To Recover Deleted Photos

Method 1: Restore Photos After Factory Reset from Backup.

Numerous Android users back up their photos to google drive regularly. If you happen to be one of those users, then you can quickly restore your photos from Google Photos. Regardless of why you reset your Android phones or tablets, go to “Settings” and  “Backup and Restore.” at that point, you can choose the file that has been saved in google cloud to recover from the backup.

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Method 2: Restore Photos using software

Fortunately, the deleted photos on your android still reside in some place of your phone if another file hasn’t overwritten it. For this to work, you shouldn’t use your phone because adding files can overwrite your deleted photos.

recover images from android application
Picture: Restore Images

In the wake of knowing how it works, you can now take action to recover deleted photos from Android. There are several recovery software available for you to recover your deleted photos.

In this post, we highly recommend you to use MobiKin. It’s user-friendly and easy to use interface provides you a quick and easy way to recover your deleted photos on Android. MobiKin can scan your phone for deleted partition and can allow you to recover your files such as photos, music, videos, documents, etc.

Steps to use Android Application to Recover Photos.

1. Download and Install MobiKin: Go to the MobiKin website and download a mobile doctor for android. You can download the pro version for in-depth scanning. However,  your basic recovery needs can be done with the free version as well.

2. Open MobiKin Doctor For Android: Open the app and select android recovery if you are using an Android phone.

3. Connect your Android with PC: You must change some basic settings in your phone for MobiKin to recognize your site accurately. You have to turn on USB debugging.

4. Choose File Type Check the type of file you want to discover, for instance (Photos, music, videos, etc). In our case, we are looking to restore photos so we can proceed ahead by checking on photos.

5. Click Recover: Now you can see all the photos that have previously been deleted, now select the images you want to recover and click Recover.

6. Disconnect: After the successful recovery of your photos, you can now disconnect your PC with your Android.

7Open Photos: Your photos Should have been restored by now.  Note That: If you use your android phone even after reset and before making a recovery, you may not be able to restore all the data.

Note That: If you use your android phone even after reset and before making a recovery, you may not be able to restore all the data.

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