Reason Behind USA banned Huawei

The Reason Behind America Banned Huawei

The reason behind America banned Huawei

As we know, Huawei is one of the largest manufacturer company in the world. They have 170000 employees working in 170 different countries. Huawei just launched on 2019-5 April P30 pro with best camera phone ever in the smartphone world. But suddenly America officially announces that they banned Huawei.

Here are the top reason why America banned Huawei

      1) Spying on people by using telecommunication devices: Huawei is the biggest telecommunication company. In 2014 America revealed Huawei shipping data and information from their electronic devices. However, Huawei declines this allegation.


      2) To decrease competitors: As America knows very intelligently, Huawei is only one competitor for Google, Apple, and other electronics devices. So maybe America banned Huawei. America does not want to let the others company as same as their position.


       3) To use American 5G technology first:  Huawei is under the process to spread next-generation communication called “5G”  internet all over the world but American telecommunication also at end-stage to launched 5G network. So the US thinks 5G networks could generate big trouble for American networks and telecommunication. 


      4) Track soldiers movements and Spy on their communication: On 2018 May the Pentagon bans the Huawei and JTE mobiles and electronic devices for military services because the Pentagon thinks that Huawei spy and track the soldier’s information.

 5) Huawei linked with the Chinese government and military forces: In 2005, the United States of America states the report that Huawei is heavily linked with the Chinese government and military forces. The US also states that Chinese military gives a significant amount of money to the Huawei for leaked the information about the military system of different countries.

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6) Attempted theft of Trade secrets: For two years in 2012 to 2014, Huawei electronics devices use to steal trade secret belonging to Bellevue based on T-Mobile, robot technology for testing mobile phones.

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