how to fix phone stuck in headphone mode on android phone

How To Fix Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode In Android

Android has many issues. One of the major issues is phones stuck in headphone mode. Recently I also faced this headphone stuck problem on my Samsung phone.So, today i am going to show you easy methods to remove the headphone icon on your Android phone.

Methods To Fix Phone Stuck in Headphone Mode?

We have some methods to get rid of headphone mode. 

These methods are.

Method 1: 

Clean Your Headphone Jack/Port

Clean your jack with the help of a hair dryer or you can also clean with the help of a toothbrush. In my case I use a toothbrush.
Please clean gently. If this method does not fix your problem, head over to the second method.

Method 2: 

Instantly Fix with Installing Apps

The chances of removing the headphone icon from notification is 80% if you follow these rules. Basically, this method will help to identify your software and hardware problem in your phone and disable phone headphone mode.

1 – Install Earphone Mode Off Application From Play store:

This app converts your headphone mode into speaker mode within a few clicks. I used this method and it worked fine.
    In short:
    Open & Click Earphone mode off app> Go> Click To Change

  For More detail follow this step:

  1. Open Earphone Mode Off app,
  2. Wait a second, cancel ads and Click on Go
  3. Again Remove ad, click on Click to change option. 

Boom, your phone is into speaker mode. You can also Test your sound. 

I tried many apps but it did not work, maybe because of the Android version or hardware problem . If your problem is still not fixed, I list a couple of apps hope they will perfectly work for your phone. 

Others App to Remove Headphone Jack Icon:

  1. Disable HeadPhone (Enable Speaker)
  2. Lesser AutoSwitch
  3. HF Button Widget (<=KitKat)(Kitkat or below version only)

Note: These applications should run in background to keep functioning. Some apps may be working but still showing the headphone icon, so you have to test the sound whether it is in speaker mode or not. 

Method 3 

Restart Your Android Phone:

Sometimes restarting your phone can solve your many software and hardware issues. If your phone has some software issues then this may help your problem by restarting phone OS. When you restart your phone it will also restart your operating system so if there is any problem in combination of software and hardware then it may solve your problem. If not try another method.

Method 4

Plug In and Out Your Earphone/Headphone

When you remove your headphone from the port, the phone may still be stuck on headphone mode. The main reason behind this may be the Operating System. Plug in your headphones, power down the phone, power on the phone then remove the headphones. This may also help you. So, with the help of headphones it is possible to remove headphone mode on your phone.

Method 5 

Remove Battery, Insert It and Turn On Phone

If your phone battery is removable then you may also try this. 

Method 6 :

Update Your Android Phone 

Outdated OS versions also cause your phone hardware problems. So you have to update regularly to keep up to date your phone. 

To update your phone follow this step:

  1. Go to Setting>About Device>Software Updates>Update Now

Update Phone

click on about phone to update your phone

click on update to remove headphone con

update your phone to convert headphone mode to speaker mde

Method 7

Factory Reset Your Phone

If the above methods are not working you can try using Factory Reset. But make sure to backup all necessary data . However if by mistake you forget to backup  you can also recover data on your phone.

Step to Factory Reset Of Your Phone:

  1. Open Setting>Backup & Reset> Factory data Reset>Reset Device

Block Title

click on back up and reset to remove headphone mode

click on factory data reset to remove headphone mode

click on reset

Method 8

Install Custom ROM on Your Phone

If all of the above methods do not work on your phone then this is only one method to solve your problem. Since, this method is a little bit complicated. 

Steps to Install Custom ROM on Android

  1. Backup your phone.
  2. Install custom ROM (should match with your phone).
  3. Install [root] FlashFire on your Phone(root required).
  4. select Flash ZIP or OTA and locate the downloaded ROM.
  5. Tick the Mount /system read/write option and click on get started.

After completion you can see there is no headphone icon on the mobile screen.

Method 9

Go to Mobile Repair Center

This is not a solving method but taken as a suggestion. After all of the above, if none of the methods work then you have to go to the Mobile Repair center. Your phone may have Hardware problems that should be replaced or repaired. They will definitely fix your headphone problem but remember don’t go to Repair center without trying the above methods. If your phone has a software problem then above methods can fix it. 

Mobile Stuck on Headphone mode is not new, in fact most of the old have this problem basically Samsung. So, don’t panic, keep calm and follow the above methods. 

FAQ About Stuck Headphone Mode:

Why is my phone showing headphone mode?

This is because your phone headphone port/jack has some dust or your phone has some software or hardware issues. Since this article is based on software issues, if your phone has hardware issues then you have to go to the Mobile Repair Center. They will replace your (3.5 jack). 

How do you remove the headphones symbol in Android when there is no headphone connected?

Follow methods:
Clean Your Headphone Jack/Port
Instantly Fix with Installing Apps like Earphone Mode Off
Restart Your Android Phone:
Plug In and Out Your Earphone/Headphone
Remove Battery, Insert It and Turn On Phone
Update Your Android Phone 
Factory Reset Your Phone
Install Custom ROM on Your Phone:
Go to Mobile Repair Center


When I first knew that my phone was stuck on headphone mode I was totally panicked because there is no sound on the speaker, no phone call ringtone or anything. However I was able to hear sound from headphones and Bluetooth headphones. But this is not a solution, so I figured out 9 methods to fix this problem. 

Personally, i like installing Android apps to convert headphone mode to speaker mode because it worked perfectly for me but your situation may be different, so try and let us know in the comment section which methods are working for you.

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