Tips to secure wordpres website

Tips to Make Your WordPress Site Secure

Making your Word press site secure is a great concern and should be given your priority importance. Many websites are being blacklisted every day for different kinds of vulnerabilities and site attacks. If you are aware of your WordPress site security, and you need to pay attention to some of the critical security measures. A hacked site can completely damage your data and hacker can easily steal your information, password and install vulnerable code to your site.

Here in this post, we will provide you a deep understanding of security in WordPress to help your site against hackers and malware. We have covered the security tips in step by step

Steps To Make WordPress Website Secure

Use Difficult and Strong Password

strong wordpress password
Picture: Strong Password

Choosing the best WordPress site hosting server plays the most important role in the security of your WordPress site. Always choose the server that takes an extra effort to continuously check your site for malware and vulnerabilities. Always perform the backup of your complete database in case if anything goes wrong with your site, you can always restore your site to the previous point.

Download WordPress Security Plugins

Recomended Plugins To Secure WordPress Site: Wordfence

secure wordpress website by plugin
Picture: WordPress Plugin(Wordfence)

There is a number of WordPress plugins that can help your site against hacking and malware. This includes a file integrity check, invalid login attempts, virus scanning, etc. All of these operations can be performed with WordPress plugins. One of the best plugins that you can download and install right away is Securi Security. After installation, you need to go to the Sucuri menu in your WordPress admin. Upon activation you will be asked to generate an API key that helps you to monitor logins, checking duplicated and major security Importance.

Always Use SSL

Recommended WordPress Plugin For SSL: Really Simple SSL

Almost every website uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer) these days to get extra benefits for their website. Before SSL was used only for some specific purposes like processing payments and online transactions. Today, however, Google has recognized its importance and gives extra priority to the Site with SSL in the search results. SSL is essential for any sites that process sensitive information, i.e. passwords, or credit card details. If you don’t use SSL then all the information between your user’s web browser and your web server is not encrypted. This means that it can be easily intercepted by a hacker. By using an SSL, the sensitive information is encrypted between host and client before it is transferred between their browser and your server, making it harder to access and making your site more secure.

Limit Login Attempt

Recommended Plugin For Login Attempt: WP Limit Login Attempt

You can limit the number login attempts users can try to access the WordPress dashboard. WordPress allows users to login as many as they want which can lead to brute force attacks. But by setting login limit your are making it difficult for a hacker to make a brute force attempt because your account gets locked out before they can finish their attack. You can enable this easily with different  WordPress plugin such as (WordPress Login Limits). After installation and activation, you can manage login attempts in Setting> Login Limit Attempts.

Keep WordPress Up to Date

Update your wordpress site regularly
Picture: Update Your WordPress Site

Keeping your WordPress update in another important thing you can do to prevent yourself from security breaches. WordPress developer makes some updates to security features With every single update, By staying updated with the latest security update you can minimize the chance of being a victim of WordPress security loophole that many attackers can use to gain control of your site. The same case with the installed themes and plugins. Many minor updates are downloaded by WordPress automatically but for major updates, you have to do it manually from the WordPress dashboard.

Manage wp-config and .HtAccess Files

Managing wp-config and .htaccess file an advance process for WordPress security. If you want to take make your site secure then it’s a good thing to hide your site’s .htaccess and wp-config.php files to prevent an attacker from stealing them. While this process is for experienced developers, however, it is easy if you follow the correct step. First, we recommend you to perform a complete backup of your site and proceed carefully because this process can make your site inaccessible. If you want to hide the files, go to your wp-config.php file and add the following code,

<Files wp-config.php> order allow,deny deny from all </Files>

  In the same way, you can add the following code to your .htaccess file,

<Files .htaccess> order allow,deny deny from all </Files>

Disable File Editing

After you make up your WordPress site live there is a code editor function you can see in your dashboard through which you can modify your themes and plugins. You can access this by going to Appearance>Editor. When you get your website online I personally recommend you to turn off these features. In any case, if hackers get control of your WordPress admin area, they can insert some viruses, malicious code to your themes and plugins which you may not notice. Therefore you must disable the feature to edit plugins and the theme file, simply paste the following code in your wp-config.php file.

Enable WAF

Secure wordpress site by enabling WAF
Picture: Enable WAF in Site

The most common and easy way to make your WordPress more secure to use WAF(Web Authentication Firewall). This web firewall blocks all the malicious traffic and network that are coming to yours. It examines each and every packet entering or leaving your site. These firewall route your website traffic through their cloud proxy servers at the same time allowing them to only send legit traffic to your web server. Application Level Firewall – These firewall plugins examine the traffic once it reaches your server but before loading most WordPress scripts. This method is not as efficient as the DNS level firewall in reducing the server load.

Two Factor Authentication

Recommended Plugin For Two Factor Authentication : Wordfence

This step allows the user to log in to their WordPress using two-step authentication. The first one is the username and password, and the second step requires you to authenticate using a separate device or app. Most top online sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, enable you to use it for your account. You can likewise add similar usefulness to your WordPress site.

Other Security Tips For Secure WordPress Site

  • Do not use Nulled Themes, Plugins.
  • Always backup your wordpress database.
  • Change your Password Regularly.

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