How To Delete Search History From Social Networking and Search Engine

When you want to remove search in your search history account, it is a little bit difficult to remove history because different Social Media and Search Engine has various option to remove search history. Social Media, Search Engine sites always store our history to better optimization and performance, but when we feel uncomfortable for security reason or other reason, then we can remove everything search on the internet. Social Media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter  Search Engine like Google, Bing, etc. all store our search history.

The primary purpose of storing search history of different sites are:

1) Search Engine like Google, Bing store history to provides ads(advertisement) based on our watch history.

2) Sites like YouTube, Amazon, Netflix gives recommendation video from our history.

3) To see users history whenever they want to know.

4)  For better optimization of Website.

5) To Categories Website according to Age, seeing and viewing Interest, etc.


But unfortunately, if you delete your Google search history for security reason then stop deleting it. Google permanently store search history to their server because of different reason. So, again if you want to erase history from your side, then you can delete it.

Some reports say that Facebook also history record permanently because we all know Facebook loves advertisement, so they always keep in mind that gathering Users information is directly associated with money.

Here we take some of the Search Engine and Social Media Sites to delete Search history:

 Google Search History,

 Facebook Search History,

 Yahoo Search History,

 Instagram Search History,

 Amazon Search History,

 Bing Search History,

 Netflix Search History,

 Twitter Search History,

 YouTube Search History

How to Remove Google Search History:

As we already discuss that Google does not delete users search history, but we can delete from our side that history will never be seen again in your account.

Following are the Step To Delete Google Search History:

Step 1: Login your Gmail account.

Step 2: Then Click on Account activity (here)

Step 3: Now, you see different menubar on the left side. Click on the Delete by activity (here). 

Step 4: Here, you can delete ads, Gmail, google analytics, Developers, Android, Google Play store, Image Search, Youtube history that regarding Google according to timespan. 

How to Remove Facebook Search History:

When you search your favorite people on the Facebook search bar, Facebook always stores this information in their server so that this will be beneficial for both users and Facebook.

Following are the step to delete Facebook History:

Step 1: Open your Facebook homepage.

Step 2:  Click on Search, and your recent search data will be appearing there at the right side of search bar Edit(here) option will be shown to you click on Edit.

Step 3: Now Click on the Clear Searches

OR You can also delete

Step 1: Open Facebook and Click on First red circle big one

Step 2: Now Click on Activity Log(small red circle)

How to Remove Yahoo Search History:

Removing Yahoo search history is quite impressive. Yahoo provides different services like email, news, article, etc.

Following are the step to delete Yahoo History:

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  If you do not have a Yahoo account, then it is not necessary to sign in, but if you have, you can sign in to delete yahoo history.

Step 3: After sign in you can click delete icon, or you can also click on Turn History Off option to off Yahoo history

How to clear Instagram Search History:

Instagram is a top-rated social networking app that used to post photos and videos with friends. People search in detail about their friends, celebrity, country, etc. These search history can be deleted from the following methods.

Following are the steps to clear Instagram history:

Step 1: Open Instagram.

Step 2: Press or Click on the Instagram profile.

Step 3:  Click on the menubar just up from the Following. 

Step 4: Now, you see the different option, click on the Setting below.

 Step 5: Press on Security icon.

Step 6: At last select Clear Search History.

Step 7: Hit on I’m sure.

How to Clear or Remove Amazon Prime Search History

In this topic clear Amazon Prime Search history, we delete history in android application, but you can also follow the same method in a web browser.

Steps to Clear Amazon Prime Video Search History:

Step 1: Open Amazon Prime Application and Log in,

Step 2: Now tab on the upper menubar,

Step 3: Go to Setting,

Step 4: Press on Clear Video Search History.


How to Clear Netflix Search History:

We all know Netflix provide us quality entertainment. There are about 14800 Tv shows, Movie, Documentaries, etc. on Netflix. Some of the content you like, and some of you don’t like. So, to short out Netflix search and recommendation, we can hide and remove some of the Tv shows, Movies, Documentaries, etc.

Following are the steps to Clear Search and Watch History of Netflix:

Step 1: Go and Log in,

Step 2: Click on your profile to delete search and watch history.

Step 3: Press on the menubar, it will show dropdown menu now click on Account,

Step 3: Scroll down and Click on Viewing activity.

How to how to delete netflix watch history

Step 4: You can hide all activity regarding your profile by click on t  the symbol. Also click on to Hide all to delete all activity. When you click on this, Netflix will not show recommendation contents.

How to how to delete netflix watch history

How to Clear YouTube History:

Deleting YouTube search history is quite easy as compare to others.

Steps of Clear History of YouTube:

Step 1: Go on

Step 2: Click on History shown on the left side of the menubar.

how to delete watch history in youtube

Step 3: Now Press on Clear All Watch History.

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