How to Check CPU Temperature

how to check your computer temperetur

There are number of tools and methods to check your computer’s CPU temperature. It is a primary task to check and maintain PC temperature especially when you are a PC owner. You may have found out about the different PC temperature software that can show you on the temperature of the Processors inside. These software’s can read information from the distinctive hardware checking sensors (Digital Thermal Sensor) implemented by processor manufacturer and can reveal to you the CPU temperature continuously. Before, we used to boot into BIOS to check CPU temperature but now there are different CPU monitoring application that can read actual temperature from temperature sensor in your BIOS/UEFI.

Monitoring CPU Temperature

By knowing the temperature and hotness of your machine is everyday if you can prevent some big issue that that is going to cause severe problem to you PC.

At the point when your PC is encountering over temperatures  what it can deal with, it will unquestionably decrease its life span.

In ordinary situations, the temperature of your PC shouldn’t get 60 degrees or above for a more extended length of time. Along these lines, the perfect working temperature of your PC is 50 degree.

To Check whether you have normal temperature or above normal we have compiled a list of software that can help you do so.


HWMonitor is a free as well as professional hardware monitor program that reads PC systems main health events from sensor: device health, CPU temperature, disk health, network speed, fan speed and many other important information of your computer. This programs uses few resources without effecting your PC performance and doesn’t interfere with other program functionality. It is the best option for you to check your CPU temperature

Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware Monitor is also another CPU monitoring tool that can get you all in one information about your CPU. This will continuously tell you about you CPU temperature, voltage, speed of your system fan. It can cover all of your need regarding your CPU workflow. It is a handy tool through which you can keep your system functioning correctly.

The Open Hardware Monitor supports almost all hardware monitoring sensor found on today’s processor. It monitors CPU temperature by reading thermal sensor.

Core Temp

Core Temp is another small and much powerful temperature monitoring app for your need. It can seamlessly monitor your CPU temperature and you can properly see temperature fluctuations in real time.  Core temp has high level of customization and can keep track of high and low temperature of the system.

One thing that makes it unique from other tools is that it provides a platform for plug-ins, which allows developers to add new features and can extend its functionality.

Speed Fan

SpeedFan is another powerful tool that you can use in your Windows. It can track the temperature of your overall system in real time and can show you the report in graph so that you can get a details insight about the ris and fall of the temperature in your system.

This provides not only temperature information there are number of utilities that  can provide you additional information.


check cpu tempereture from speccy software
Speccy is another temp monitoring tool which is developed by CCleaner. It gives you in depth information on every piece of component in your computer. Save time trawling through your computer for stats like CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics cards and more. See all components temperature for you in one place. The best thing about Speccy is that it allows you to save you result in HTML, text, snapshot for making it convenient to share. Helpful for ensuring your new PC has the correct specs, or if technical support need to diagnose an issue on your PC.

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Best Ways To Cool Down and Prevent CPU Overheating.

In the event that you find your PC getting excessively hot than it should get attempt the following methods to check whether you can help chill it.


  1. Clear the dust and smoke as you OC might be especially old, it might be exceptionally dusty. It’s difficult to tell now and again, as the vast majority of the dust will prevent air to be covered up away inside the machine making it extremely hot.
  2. Your PC has vents with fans in it to enable hot air to stream out of the unit. In the event that these fans are especially old, they may not be filling in just as they did in their prime and could be making the PC overheat
  3. Check for the outside offenders why your PC may overheat. It might a direct result of some applications running on it.
  4. Always use you PC in power mode when you are finished with high resource task. In any case, your PC doesn’t require so much power constantly.

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