malwarebytes free premium for three months

Free 3 Months Of Malwarebytes Premium

Malwarebytes has a free and premium plan for Home and Business purposes. Free services have limited features, so in this article, we will show you steps to get free Malwarebytes premium 3 months for 3 devices totally free. We will also give you Malwarebytes premium license keys for each blog post readers if your license keys do not arrive in your email box.

Ps: This is an exact method that Malwarebytes Itself directly provides a premium feature. So, this is not any cracking, hacking method. And we also recommend do not use any crack version of malware softwares.

So, What is Malwarebytes?

Previously known as Anti Malware software, which helps your devices to scan, detects, and remove malware and another malicious program. Malwarebytes is supported on Android, IOS, Windows, and macOS.

They provide Free and Premium version to secure your devices. The free version helps to scan and remove your malware and the Premium version allows for real-time file and web protection, scheduled scans, and can detect rogue apps on Android and Chrome OS, and also premium version can stop ransomware and allows for automatic updates.

Why You Should use the only Premium version?

Free Version                                                       Premium Version
Manually detect malware and remove it. Automatically detect malware and remove it.  
Does not remove new and robust malware.Can blocks all types of malware program.
No schedule, no website IP filtering of your device.The premium paid version has scheduled scan, automatically scan files when opened, block malicious websites attack, and scan only those programs and device drivers that have currently been in use.
Price: Free.Price: For One Device $39.99/year
For Three Device $59.99/Year

Steps to make free Malwarebytes Premium For three Months:

Malwarebytes free premium is all about genuine, so do not use any fake name and email address. It’s better to free signup first in MalwareBytes official website and use the same Name and Email address to get 3 months premium activation key in your email inbox.

Step 1: Click the below button. You will be redirected to the Malwarebytes website.

get three months of free malwarebytes

Step 2: Enter Genuine name and email address and hit the submit button.
Note: Do not use any fake and temporary name & email address and also do not use a name like hackerboy, Programmer, Loverboy, etc instead use your real name.

In my case, I receive license keys in 4 days. So, you have to wait for this time. After you receive the license key, you can use these keys for 3 devices. receive 3 months activation key
In case if you do not receive any keys, then comment below or direct email us If you use real name and email address, then we will give you Malwarebytes premium license key for free.

Supported Devices from this free Malwarebytes license key:

For Windows:
Multiple layers of malware-crushing virus protection, malware and spyware removal, and ransomware protection.
For Mac:
Detects and removes viruses, ransomware, adware, and unwanted programs in real-time.
For Chromebook:
Prevent phishing, wrong application, and tackles active malware.
For Android Mobile:
Real-Time activation on malware, ransomware and other various attacks.
Malwarebytes for IOS(Appstore)
Get rid of annoying distractions like fraudulent calls and texts.

How to Activate Premium Malwarebytes from a free License Key?

After getting Malwarebytes activation code, then it is straightforward to set up in your devices.

Step 1: download and install the Malwarebytes program according to your devices

If your devices are desktop, click this link
For MacOs, click this link.
For Android Mobile click here,
Apple devices, Click here.

Ps: You can use this Malwarebytes license key for 3 devices.

Step 2:
Put your Malwarebytes license keys in the license key button then activate it.

activate malwarebytes premium for three months for free

You will get the following services from this Malwarebytes Premium:

1) According to MalwareBytes, they use Artificial Intelligence to identify and remove malware from your device. So, it blocks ransomware, malware, PUPS, adware, and zero-day exploits on a real-time basis.

2) Blocks annoying ads, scam websites, and trackers on your browser.

3) It removes unwanted programs that slow and impedes your computer’s performance.

We often don’t use any other antivirus because they are costly, and the free version is not performing well for modern malware or virus. But we sometimes use Malwarebytes Free version to kick out malware and malicious ads.  When we come to know MalwareBytes provide free license keys of premium service, then we become a fan of their features.

How to Scan Malware, Ransomeware, Exploit on MalwareBytes?

Open Malwarebytes:

On Real-Time Protection- Tick ON all features:

On Scan Section- click on scan and wait for a few minutes(5-10):

scan malware from malwarebytes

After scan complete-  Click on Quarantine

Remove dangerous malware from Malwarebytes

Although this Malwarebytes is real-time malware protection, you can also schedule a scan and also View your previous scan reports on your devices.

Important Note: Do not remove Malwarebytes from the background or task manager because if you shutdown(close) this application, then it cannot functioning their task.

Conclusion: In this post article, we show you how to use Malwarebytes Premium for free. One thing we notice from Malwarebytes premium is they handle ransomware attack pretty good and also block malicious website IP address.

Bhuwan Dahal

Bhuwan Dahal

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