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Cookie Policy is a policy of how the Website owner (We) uses Cookies on www.bibloblog.com and this site product and services.

At, First all you have to read the BibloBlog Cookie Policy (“Policy”)  to understand what type of cookies, the information we collect, and how that information is used. For more detail, you can see our Privacy Policy page

What cookies are in BibloBlog?

Cookies are directly proportional to a text file that saves on our devices when we first load the website in the browser. These text file just designed to hold new data to client website so that the website can remember you next time when you again visit our BibloBlog Website. BibloBlog uses two kinds of cookies Session cookie and Persistent cookie.

Now you have to understand what is Session and Persistent cookie in BibloBlog.

Session cookies are temporary cookies that do not store any information regarding the website. This type of cookies expires when you close the web browser(not site).

Persistent Cookies are the main cookies that store information or remember your device even after when you close your web browser. Persistent Cookies is a text file that provides a website with user setting and data for the next time or future. It is also called a stored cookie.

Cookies may be set by the Website (“first-party cookies”), or by third parties, such as those who serve content or provide advertising or analytics services on the website (“third party cookies”). These third parties can recognize you when you visit our site and also when you visit certain other websites.

What cookie options in BibloBlog?

If you are not familiar with the cookie, you can delete it from your browser, or you can change the setting.

Can Website owners access users Cookies?

Definitely not.

As we mention above we use Cookies only for DoubleClick DART to display advertisement on our website.

Once a user visits the BibloBlog, and the cookie is created it is only possible for users to edit it and delete. Real Owners does not have authorized to access the user’s cookies because we already know that cookies are stored in the local user computer, not website owner server


When we change or modify the Policy of BibloBlog, then we will notify users. This policy is created with Bibloblog Policies

Acceptance of BibloBlog Cookie Policy

You as a user of this site acknowledge that you carefully read Cookie Policy and agree to all terms and condition and you agree to be bound by Policy.

If you do not agree with our Cookies Policy, you are not authorized to Acces our Website.

Feel free to contact if you have any question by Clicking Here or you can send Email :[email protected]

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