Solving Gmail not receiving in Emails in Desktop, android and ios

Gmail Not Receiving Emails [SOLVED]

I have seen Gmail users struggling in forums to get the right solution for not receiving emails. Usually, they can send or view the Emails but can’t receive any Emails.

Gmail users may not be receiving the Emails due to insufficient Storage in the drive, low server status, blocking/filtering of Emails, or antivirus firewalls.

Gmail is a good communication medium for internet users. Unlike every time, sometimes it can face a variety of errors or bugs. So, for that reason, in this article, you’ll learn various ways to fix Gmail not receiving Emails on desktop, android, and ios devices. 

Steps to fix Gmail not receiving emails

The below mentioned six steps are the solutions that can be followed to fix Gmail not receiving Emails.

Use a different web browser

If you aren’t receiving any Emails in Gmail, try changing your device’s web browser. Since Gmail is a product of Google itself, we recommend you use Google Chrome.

It has secured connectivity features and better security patches than any other web browser out there. Google chrome is one of the most secure and recommended browsers on the internet.

Check Gmail’s server status

Due to various reasons, sometimes, Google’s Gmail servers are down. So it directly affects the Email protocols of Gmail. So it can be a reason for not receiving Emails.

To check the server status, visit Google’s App status, and check if there’s any server outage. A yellow dot on the dashboard can identify the server outage.

Server Outage and status of

The server status of Gmail can also be checked on Downdetector. The server’s status is shown in graphs with detailed baselines and reports. Below the chart, the most reported problems, i.e., Log-in failure, receive messages, and website issues, are mentioned with the outage percentage.

Check storage status in Gmail

Google allows its users to store data and files up to 15 GB in the default (free) package. The storage status of a particular Gmail account can be checked from Google One. To check the storage status of your Gmail account, follow the below-mentioned steps sequentially. 

  1. Visit Google One.
  2. Click on Storage.

The total StorageStorage used will be displayed on your screen with storage details of Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

Gmail account storage usage chart

If the 15 GB storage plan is exceeded, you won’t be able to receive Emails. So, you need to free up some space. Follow the below-mentioned steps to Free up the StorageStorage in your Gmail account.

  1. Open your Gmail account.
  2. On the left bar, click more.
  3. Click on trash.
  4. Now to erase all the Emails click on the empty trash now.
    Deleting Emails from trash in gmail account

If there are unwanted or expired Emails in your Inbox, then delete non-useful Emails and delete them from the trash too. It’s recommended to delete the non-essential files from Google Drive too.

Remove Email Filters

Technically, Email filtering is the process of organizing Emails into various labels in Gmail (Category/folder) based on their type. But here, the context is different. So, in this case, the term ‘filter’ refers to the Blocked Email Addresses on your Gmail Account.

If a particular Email address is blocked, then you won’t receive any Emails. So you need to remove your preferred Email [s] from the block list. Users can remove the blocked/filtered Email addresses from the settings panel.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Click on filters and blocked addresses.
  3. Now, select the Email you want to unblock/remove a filter; if all click on Select>all
    Removing blocked and filtered emails
  4. Click on unblock selected addresses.

Now, you will be able to receive Emails from those unblocked Email Addresses.

Disable Email Forwarding

Email forwarding generally means re-sending or forwarding a delivered Email to another Email Address. Large companies generally use it to manage client’s Emails regularly. To disable Email forwarding, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open settings in Gmail.
  2. Click on forwarding and POP/IMAP.
  3. Select disable forwarding.
    Disabling Email forwarding in settings of gmail
  4. Scroll down and click save changes.
    saving changes made in email forwarding settings

Disabling the Email forwarding option will fetch the Email directly to your Inbox and won’t forward the Emails to any other address. Now, you will be able to receive emails directly in your Inbox.

Turn off antivirus utilities

Sometimes the command between the Gmail’s server and Antivirus utilities clash with each other, ultimately resulting in an error. To receive emails, turn off the antivirus utilities from the startup so that it won’t run when you open the windows.

Also, update the windows version regularly. If you don’t know what happens when you don’t activate windows, we have previously written a comprehensive article on it. 

Do check it out!

To open the startup, Click CTRL + ALT + DELETE and click on task manager. Navigate to startup and disable all the utilities of the antivirus you have installed.

startup in task manager to disable antivirus utility

To disable a utility, select the particular antivirus utility and click on Disable (present at the bottom of the dialog box) or right click on the utility and click Disable.

Now restart your device and check your Inbox for pending Emails that are yet to be fetched. Suppose the Emails are being received. Then conclude that it was an issue with the Antivirus utility present on your device.

A permanent solution should be used. So, uninstall the utilities but be sure about what you are deleting. Also, you can configure the particular utility and disable its functions.

So the above mentioned six steps are the potential ways of fixing Gmail when the users can’t receive Emails.

Methods to fix Gmail not receiving Emails in Android 

Not only desktop users, even mobile users, can face the same error. Though Gmail is the best Email service, there are similar issues in different platforms (devices). The below-mentioned steps are the best possible ways to fix Gmail when it’s not receiving Emails in Android.

Use a stable Internet connection

Make sure that your Android device has a stable and flexible internet connection. Having lousy internet can cause issues for Gmail to fetch Emails from its server. As a result, the Emails aren’t received. so, it would be best if you have smooth internet connectivity to receive Emails

Update the Gmail App

Make sure that the Gmail application is up to date. If the Gmail App isn’t updated, then navigate to the play store, search for Gmail, and update the app.

Restart Device

Sometimes, your device can cause temporary or system issues, which can lead to such errors. So give it a try and try checking the Emails after you restart your device.

Turn on sync

Ensure that the sync feature is checked on your device. To turn on the sync tool, swipe down the notification bar and navigate to sync and click on it. After turning on the sync tool, refresh the app, and check the Inbox for Emails.

Check Device storage

If the device doesn’t have enough space, you cannot receive Emails on your Android phone. Due to lack of Storage, the Sync feature won’t work. So free up some space and try checking the Inbox.

Clear cache/data

Usually, the cache errors can stop Gmail from fetching Emails. To clear the cache, go to settings>application manager>Gmail>clear cache. Also, click on clear data and finally restart your device after the whole procedure is completed.

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Methods to fix Gmail not receiving Email on iPhone (IOS)

Similar to Android devices, IOS devices face the same Gmail error. To Fix Gmail not receiving emails, follow the below-mentioned solutions.

Use better connectivity.

Similar to Android devices, the IOS devices must have a stable connection to fetch the Emails on Inbox. Though iOS devices have a strong capability to grab Wi-Fi signals, lousy internet can ruin the process. So try changing the connection.

Restart your iPhone

It can’t be termed as magic, but sometimes there are temporary system errors fixed after restarting the device. After you restart your device, reload the app, and check for emails.

Enable background app refresh

iPhone has a background app refresh feature that allows the app to check the new content updated in the app. So to receive the Emails instantly or immediately on iPhone, enable the background app refresh.

Disable i message

The instant messaging service by iPhone, i messages can sometimes be an obstacle for Gmail. I messages can cause various errors, such as receiving duplicate text messages. So try checking the Emails after disabling the i messages app.

If none of those mentioned above steps are working, you should probably contact Google’s support service. When the issues are complex, you need to contact the support and solve the problem manually. So seek help from the skilled and technical staff of Gmail support service.

Contact Details of Google Support service

Toll-free number: 1-866-2-Google (1-866-246-6453) 

Time: From 6:00 am โ€“ 5:00 pm PST (Monday to Friday)

Describe and elaborate on the error to the support staff. Usually, Google replies to customers within 30 minutes (As per my experience).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Emails

๐Ÿ‘‰Why am I not receiving my emails on my computer?

You may not be receiving Emails on the computer due to scarcity of space in the drive, low server status, blocking & filtering of Emails, or antivirus firewalls.

๐Ÿ‘‰How do I retrieve Gmail emails not received due to a storage full issue?

When the Storage is full, the Emails can be retrieved after cleaning up the Storage. To clean up space, empty the trash, and delete files from the drive.

๐Ÿ‘‰What happens to emails when Gmail is full?

When your Gmail’s Inbox is full, all the Emails will be on hold. Technically you won’t be able to send or receive Emails.

๐Ÿ‘‰I can’t receive emails from a specific Gmail Address?

If the particular Email address is filtered or blocked, you won’t receive Emails from it. To remove the filter or unblock the Email, visit Settings>Filters and blocked addresses>select the Email>Unblock selected address.

๐Ÿ‘‰Why am I not receiving emails with attachments?

If the attachment is above 25 MB, you won’t be able to receive the attachment unless it’s uploaded in Google drive.

๐Ÿ‘‰Why is my new Gmail account, not sending or receiving emails?

If you aren’t able to receive or send Emails in a new Gmail account. Try changing the browser or clear the cache and cookies of Gmail from settings.

๐Ÿ‘‰How many Emails can I send in a day in Gmail?

Gmail allows its user to send or receive 2000 Emails in a day. In the case of the Google Apps (G Suite) account, the limit is 5000 Emails.

Let’s wrap up 

No doubt, Gmail is the best Email service to date. It’s unique and beneficial, having extraordinary usability and features. However, sometimes errors and bugs can arise as we have discussed and solved Gmail’s common issue by different methods as mentioned above. I am sure that by now, you have started receiving Emails directly in your Inbox.

Still, if you have any queries or confusions regarding Gmail, let us know in the comments; we will help out. 

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