Top 12 Expensive Apps in Play Store

expensive apps in playstore

Top 12 Expensive Apps in Play Store

At first, we are not forcing you to buy these types of expensive apps from play store. We want to show you which application make a list in the top Twelve expensive application. There are more than 2.7 million apps in play store. Some of them are free; some are paid. There are also some costly apps which are useless to buy. They don’t have any feature in it. These apps has just one photo with a diamond with some text to display on the mobile screen. This expensive application are only for wealthy people who want to explore something new to show their relatives and friends.

Here some developers are changing their apps price regularly, so this price maybe decreases or increase sometime. But, in 2019, we list the top 12 expensive android application in play store:

Lists(We suggest you do not buy these types of expensive apps. If you have enough money to spend then give this money to poor people.)

1) I am Rich:- Prize: $719.64

I am the Rich app is the most expensive app in Play store history. This android application is published on 5 April 2018, from then there is no update available. If you have enough money, then you can buy it to show your friends, relatives or other people.


  1. Just one diamond photo includes a tag with “I am rich- I bought this app because I CAN!”
  2. No review of the app.
  3. There are no other features. This app main motive is to show a screenshot to other people.

2) Yet Another Most Expensive App:- Prize: $643.76

This application is the second current most expensive app available in play store. According to owner:” Yet Another Most Expensive App” will suit you if you’re collecting the most expensive app 100%.


  1. No any feature same as above I am the Rich app.
  2. There are five reviews at this time.
  3. 1 MB of app size.

3) Most Expensive App! :- Prize:$487.11

This app also does not have any functionality. It only shows I AM RICH text message, including a diamond photo.


  1. 5 MB in size.
  2. No any features.

4) I Am Rich :-Prize: $452.54

Another useless app called I Am Rich. They just put “You are so rich” text message on the screen that’s it nothing more than that.

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5) World’s most expensive App [GOLD TAMAGO] :- Prize: $450.32

At the current date, this app is the third most expensive application in play store. This application does not have any specific feature. As we mention above this expensive app are just for personal satisfaction for rich people.


  1. It just shows the yellow egg on your android mobile screen.
  2. It has 61 MB seize.
  3. Just one Review.

6) I am a millionaire:- Prize: $422.37

Presenting you another useless expensive application. This application is for Arabs people. It also shows a symbol of richness. If you are from Arab countries and you are rich, then you can download this useless application.

7) The most expensive app I’m RICH like Sheikh:- Prize:$412.65

Another useless expensive app is on the list. It only shows one diamond photo in-app nothing more than that. This app is only for Arabs people.


  1. Nothing but the photo of one diamond.
  2. 7 MB in size.
  3. It is rated for 3+.

8) Golden Heart –Most Expensive:- Prize:$406.20

Golden Heart shows the love power, heart with beauty, and lifetime gift. If you love her truly and you have enough money, then you can purchase this application. After installing this app, you can send a screenshot to your love. They believe this will bring her fall in love with crazy.


  1. Send the screenshot to love.
  2. Share a golden heart.
  3. 64 MB on size.
  4. Zero downloads.

9) I’m Oligarch! :- Prize: $405.21

The developer just put the unique name in it, but deep down, it is also a useless application that’s it.

10) I Am Rich –Prove your wealth:- Prize:$400

Here is another waste of money app. This show a diamond in mobile that’s it. According to app developer: it helps to impress the girl you like.

Features :

  1. Just 1+ download.
  2. Showing a diamond with the text “I Am Rich.”

 11) Richest Tunnel: -Prize:$400

Richest Tunnel is the world most expensive game of play store, but it is also useless. According to the developer, 85% of revenue is going to the charity.

12) Emerald: -Prize:$400

Probably Emerald is the one of most extensive download application with 5+ downloads in criteria of useless apps. This app is a collection of Abu Moo application. Abu Moo is also a useless app for rich people. If you have a significant amount of money and you want to impress your girlfriend, friends then go for it. This app only shows a diamond on your screen.

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There is also lots of expensive application between $100 to $400 but remember all of this application is useless. This application cannot fulfill your requirement, but you can show friends or relatives that you are on the list of wealthy people.

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