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Solution:Why Do I Receive Duplicate Text Messages On Android

Messages have become a leading communication roadmap, whether it’s via cellular messages or social networks.

Unlike the older days, today’s messaging mechanism saves time and effort. 

Quick information of past (Messaging medium & today’s scenario)

Do you remember the olden days of sending mails via post offices? Those experiences were valuable, but today’s scenario is quite different.

The media you are sending is the same, but the medium is different. Also, the key difference is, it saves valuable time and effort.

Before the establishment of social media, the cellular SMS messages were the medium of Text messages. Though the FAX was introduced, SMS texts were the most common.

Let’s come to the point.

The term errors are everywhere and are annoying. To answer the query regarding SMS messages; Why do I receive duplicate/extra copy of text messages on Android?

I have prepared a comprehensive article for our readers. After reading this article, you will be able to troubleshoot the cause and stop receiving duplicate text messages on Android.

I have listed the common causes for receiving duplicate text messages on Android and solutions for each cause. Follow all the below-mentioned procedures to solve the issue.

Procedures to stop receiving extra copies of duplicate text messages

Clear cache

In some cases, the preferences and flaws in the application settings can lead to receiving duplicate messages. 

Clearing the cache will delete all the cache files, and the App’s settings will change into default factory settings.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to Clear the cache of Messaging application on an android phone.

  1. Navigate to settings.
  2. Click on Apps.
    Appicatiion panel in android mobile settings
  3. Click on Manage Apps.
    managing application in settings
  4. Find App messages.
    SMS text application on android
  5. Click on Clear default (usually Clear cache).
    clearing cache of message application

Restart Phone

Press the power button for a few seconds, and switch off your device. Leave it for a few minutes.

Now, power on your mobile Phone and cross-check whether the same issue is repeating or not.

This process will work in most cases. If you haven’t got the result yet, follow the remaining procedures.

Use different SIM card 

Is it happening with multiple users? If there’s a similar issue with the same network provider’s user. Then there’s a fault in their system. Wait for a while, and it will be solved automatically.

If no, then try changing the SIM card and perform several tests and text, multiple users. Check whether it’s happening with a single user or multiple users.

Also, check the condition of your SIM. Make sure it’s free of scratches. Also, recall the incidents which may have caused the issue as the Phone dropped into water. (That may have damaged the SIM card)

Delete Contact and conversations

Delete the person’s Contact with whom you face the issue if you receive the duplicate text messages from a single person. 

Then delete the particular number from Contact. Also, the messages from the respective person.

If it’s with multiple contacts then, delete all the Contact and messages from your mobile Phone. And try re-checking with multiple users again.

Steps to delete messages in Android

  1. Open messages Application.
  2. Press the particular conversation to delete for a few seconds. (If you want to delete the convo with multiple users select the messages and delete)
  3. Click on delete.

Steps to delete messages in ios

  1. Open Messages Application.
  2. Click on Modify.
  3. Choose the message to delete.
  4. Click on delete

Use a different device

If possible, try changing the mobile Phone. Use a mobile phone that is compatible with the SIM card size. Now, Insert the same SIM card on the Mobile Phone and try texting multiple contacts. 

Suppose you aren’t receiving duplicate text messages on a different phone. Then try contacting the Network provider’s support team. They will surely help you out.

Also, there can be issues with the SIM card itself. The hardware or external damage on the SIM card can lead to those errors. So be sure to check the SIM card external health.

Check the date and time.

Be sure to check the date and time of your mobile Phone. Keep the date and time correct so that you won’t face any errors.

Check phone number

Check the phone number(s) that you are texting to. Also, be sure that you are using the right country code for international SMS text.

If the phone number is incorrect, then you will surely face errors.

Reset Phone

Last but not the least, try resetting your mobile Phone, if none of these procedures are working. After resetting your mobile Phone you will lose all the device stored files like contacts. 

So be sure to transfer all the essential data to the SD card or store it on the cloud.

Steps to reset an Android phone

  1. Navigate to settings.
  2. Click on About Phone.
    About device panel in settings
  3. Click on backup and reset.
    backup and reset panel for factory reset
  4. Now, click on erase all data (factory reset).
    Factory reset on android phone
  5. Click on delete all data.
    Erasing all the data of android phone
  6. Click on the next step.
    Finally factory reset completed

If you forgot to back up the images and did the factory reset, then don’t panic. You can quickly recover deleted photos on Android phone after the factory reset.

Frequently asked questions on receiving duplicate text messages.

Why am I receiving multiple copies of duplicate text messages?

It usually happens when there’s a network error. It resends the message when the network coverage is available, which leads to receiving duplicate text messages. Also, there can be problems with your Contact or the SIM card.

Can I backup text messages?

Yes, you can backup your text messages. You can sync the contacts and messages to set backup. For ios devices, messages can be backed up using iCloud and in Android Google drive.

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Resetting the device may cause loss, but I am sure you have solved the issue by now. Being free of errors and bugs is an important key factor for healthy mobile usage. 

Facing errors may annoy people and cause obstacles in a regular workflow. If you face any error and can’t solve it, mail me at [email protected] I will prepare a comprehensive article for you and our readers.

I am sure you aren’t receiving duplicate or extra copies of text messages on your android phone. Comment down any confusion or queries, if any.

 I’ll surely answer your queries and confusions.

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