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[FIX] Why Discord won’t open links?

Discord is one of the most popular communication applications around the globe. Gamers and game enthusiasts usually use it. The unique features and a handy UI/UX makes the application more effective. Unlike every time, sometimes the users face in-app bugs or errors. Usually, the voice in Discord cuts out automatically, and sometimes Discord won’t open links. For this reason, I will tutor you on how to open links in Discord.

Why Discord won’t open links?

There are usually two reasons; the first one is, the link may be unsafe or potentially risky to visit. The second reason is that you haven’t set a default browser on your device. So Discord can’t open links on your device.

Suppose the website is an Ip grabber or a spy website. Then a pop-up will be prompted on your screen stating ‘links are spoopy,’ Are you sure you want to go there?

Alert before opening a link in discord, if the link is spoopy if malicious

If you want to continue, click Yes, else click Cancel.

How to open links in Discord?

To open links in Discord, you need to set a default browser on your device. When you request to open a link, Discord opens a link in the browser, set as default by the user. If there isn’t any default browser, then the link won’t open. So to solve the issue, follow the below-mentioned steps sequentially to open links.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Type Choose a default web browser and click on it.
    Default browser selection setting in windows 10
  3. Under the browser, navigate to your preferred browser.
    Current Default browser as google chrome
  4. Click on your preferred browser.
    Selecting a new default browser
  5. Now, you have set a default web browser.

Now, you will be able to open links since you have set a default browser.

To pin the browser on the taskbar, right-click on the taskbar’s application and click on the pin to taskbar.

Frequently asked questions on Discord

Does Discord filter links?

Yes, discord filter links. If the links are spammy or potentially risky, you will be alerted to open those links. It helps users to prevent themselves from any malicious attacks.

Can I whitelist links in Discord?

Yes, you can filter links in discord channels. To filter or whitelist any link, you need to create a BOT that indicates the link is safe to visit. You can whitelist a link using Gaius Cicereius BOT.

Discord prevents the opening of spammy links from keeping the user safe from any malicious attacks. If the default browser isn’t set in the settings, then it won’t open any links. So I hope you can now open links on Discord after following the previously mentioned steps. 

Comment down, ‘Yes, I did it,’ If you solved the issue.

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