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Delete Photos From SD Card on Windows 10

Let me guess, the reason you are here? Well, you want to delete photos from the SD card from your Windows 10?

Well, you are in the right place.

In this article, I will tutor you on the process to delete photos from the SD card on windows 10. Also, I will explain the steps for formatting the SD card solving different file systems like exFAT and FAT32 and its importance while formatting the SD card.

Well, there are two processes of accessing the images on the computer/laptop from the SD card.

Possible ways of deleting Images

Using a data cable

For mobile phones, use your charging cable, and connect to your computer/laptop, but if you are using Camera ( I assume DSLR), use its data transferring cable.

Using an SD to USB converter

If you are using Computer, then you won’t have any port for inserting an SD card, but if you are using a laptop, you will surely have an SD port for a standard SD card ( Commonly known as Camera’s SD card). 

So you will need an external SD to USB converter, it comes at a low price of approximately $0.5 to $1 (USD).

I guess you have already connected the SD card or your phone to your PC, but you might be wondering what’s next, right?

These are the quick steps for deleting your SD card images on windows 10.

Quick steps for deleting images from SD card

Delete manually

Format SD card

For sure, you didn’t get your answer over there, but don’t worry, I have explained each step for it.

Steps for deleting photos manually by sneaking into folders.

  1. Open My Computer/My PC or press Windows + E.
  2. You will be able to witness the different partitions of your hard disk; also, you will observe the plugged in Mobile phone or Camera ( Either using Data cable or SD to USB converter).
  3. Click on your device name. If you are confused, have a look at the below-mentioned image.

Note: If you are using a Camera’s SD card, click on the SD card, as shown in the image mentioned above. Then, click on the folder where your camera images are saved ( usually there are two folders check both, find the correct one and start deleting images)

  1. Click on the card, but if you have directly inserted the SD card using a converter, you don’t have to follow this step (You will be directly prompted into the SD card files).
  2. Click on DCIM.
    click on DCIM to delete images
  3. Select Camera.
  4. Woah ! you have reached your destination; if you want to delete all the images, then select all ( CTRL+A) and click on the delete button or Right-click on your mouse and click delete.

Another way of deleting images on the SD card from windows 10 is by formatting the SD card. After the format, you will lose all sorts of files from your SD card.

Steps for deleting photos by formatting SD card

  1. Open My Computer/My PC or press Windows + E.
  2.  Find the partition for your SD card.
  3.  Right-click on your mouse, and when the menu appears, click Format.
    click on format to delete all photos and documents
  4. Now, you will see a dialog box for formatting your SD card.
  5. The file system will default on FAT32, which is excellent for smaller SD cards, but for larger cards (64 gigabytes and up), you should choose exFAT.
  6. You can give the formatted drive a name by entering it into the Volume Label.
  7. Lastly, click the Start button to start the format.
    click on start to format card
  8. A warning box will appear, notifying you that all of the data on the SD card will be deleted.
  9. Click OK to continue.
  10. Congratulations! You have formatted your SD card.

Hold on! , maybe you wanted to keep the files apart from images, but the drive is formatted, right? Don’t panic, we have got a solution for you. We have already posted a blog to recover deleted images.

You might be wondering ‘Why should I format the SD card’ while you can select all manually and delete at once right? Well, there are some benefits to format your drive.

Benefits of Formatting SD card

Removal of virus

If your drive is affected by a virus then you will probably clean it using anti-virus or using windows defender, but what if your antivirus software is outdated? 

Do you have the same issue? If yes, then you should format your SD card since some viruses aren’t removed when you typically select all and delete it manually.

Smoothie performance

When you format your SD within FAT parameters then you will have better performance and a quite fast file transfer speed.

Faster clean up

Comparatively, it takes more time when you manually delete images or files, but formatting makes it easy. It takes less time to delete all the files and clean up the drive.

Demerits of formatting SD card

But formatting your SD card frequently can cause damage to your SD card. If you do it continuously there’s a high chance of your SD card being corrupted. So don’t be so quick, take your time and format it once a month ( Average duration).

Let’s wrap up

If you successfully deleted your images or formatted your SD from windows 10, then a big 👍 thumbs up for you. Also, comment down “Yes I did it” and feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding deleting images or formatting the SD card.

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