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How To Create Free Virtual Credit Card(VCC) in 2021

Creating a virtual credit card(VCC) for online transaction is not as difficult as people think. If you want to make VCC online with zero cost, then we enlist secure and honest VCC provider websites with steps to build a VCC account. But at first, we have given a detailed introduction about: What is Virtual Credit Card(VCC)? Why is VCC so important nowadays? Resources required to make free VCC?

What is a Virtual Credit Card(VCC)?

A Virtual Credit Card is a card that has 16 digits number linked to digital wallets like Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. VCC 16 digits are auto-generated card numbers for virtual payments(Internet payment). Virtual means not physical. Unlike other physical cards, VCC is more secure, more reliable, more accurate with fast transactions. Virtual Credit Card is only used on the internet. So, out of the internet world, VCC is nothing just an Internet Account.

Why is VCC so important nowadays?

According to gomedici the usage of the virtual credit card is increasing by 10% every year. The following are the reason to make a free virtual credit card.

  1.  Security
  2. Auto-generated code is only valid for a one-time transaction.
  3. VCC is widely accepted in more than 200+ countries.
  4. You can control VCC by yourself.
  5. Can not be overcharged by the merchant because of the one-time auto-generated code.
  6. You can make your own VCC without any legal documents.
  7. You can get free VCC for Paypal verification.
  8. No fraud in VCC cards.

There are lots of advantages to using the free Virtual Credit Card, but one thing more than noteworthy is security.

How to get a free virtual credit card online

We list various websites to provide free VCC in 2020 with steps to make the VCC account. By following our methods, you can make unlimited VCC.

If you don’t know: Top VCC provider EntroPay is not available from 1 July 2019

We have enlisted two websites to make a free virtual card with step by step with detail

1. Create a free virtual credit card(VCC) in

Privacy is one VCC provider website where they provide a free virtual credit card. According to, they can provide 60 Virtual cards per month (which is insane). So, if you are searching for a sound and secure virtual credit card, then is a good deal.

Services provided by

  1. You can get Virtual Cards for free. They make money from the interchange (the fee that the merchant pays for accepting a debit or credit card,
  2. You can get free 12 unique Virtual Credit Card(VCC) each month,
  3. You can set the charge limit on a specific website,
  4. They provide pause and block unwanted payment on different sites,
  5. You can generate a new card number within one click.

Pricing of

The categories of virtual cards with three types.

i) Personal Card- (Free forever)

  1. Zero price,
  2. Can generate 12 cards number per month,
  3. Secure merchant-locked & single-use cards,
  4. Pause and close cards,
  5. Set a limit price tag on each site.

ii) Pro Card –

  1. $10 per month,
  2. 1% cashback feature where you spends money,
  3. You can create 36 unique and new card numbers every month,
  4. You can hide transaction info,

iii) Teams

  1. $25 per month,
  2. Dedicated account management,
  3. Create up to 60 cards per month(which is insane),
  4. Transaction limits tailored to your business,

Resources required to make free Virtual Card in

  1. Email ID;
  2. US phone number(Don’t worry, if you are from the outside USA then we also declare the method to use it)
  3. Your bank information to connect with Virtual Card.

Steps to Make Free VCC on Privacy

Step 1: Go to homepage
Picture: Homepage of

Step 2: Sign up with your email,

privacy virtual card dashboard
Picture: Dashboard

Step 3: Click on Connecting funding source to load your virtual card with money.

step to make vcc in
Picture: Connecting with Funding

Step 4: Now you have to fill your real name and address,

blur image of page
Photo: Adding Information

(If you are from outside USA then use fakeaddressgenerator for address). In Phone, the number section uses your actual USA number but again if you are from the outside USA then. Follow these steps

  1. Use US VPN(If you do not have a premium version, then you can use free version too) TextNow & Signup: or You can use Virtual Phone Number
  2. After sign up for free, you will get a virtual US number.

Note: If TextNow is not working then you can use Fake temporary number for OTP verification

Step 5: After the verification process is done. You can Click add Card to use separately. For example, if you want to use the virtual card for Netflix, then you can create a Netflix virtual card with a specific amount(This is the feature that I love)

add free vcc in
Picture: Add different card & set limit cost Virtual Card can be used in following website or software:

  1.  VCC for Netflix,
  2. Virtual Credit Card for Amazon,
  3. VCC for Itunes,
  4.  VCC for Walmart, Spotify, etc.

PS: You can get $5 Privacy Credit to refer when they sign up and spend.

2. Create a free virtual credit card(VCC) in Yandex

If you don’t heard about Yandex VCC then don’t worry, we will give you a short index about Yandex and its free service Virtual Credit Card(VCC).

Yandex is a Russian built website or search engine.

It provides Yandex Money Virtual Card with no cost and no additional paper documents. Yandex also provides a Physical (Plastic) card for customers.

Features and Services using Yandex Money virtual card(VCC)

  • Free payments(Read about here)
  • Payments in any store,
  • Yandex VCC is only available for one year

Resources required to make free Virtual Card in Yandex

  1. Email ID,
  2. Yandex Account
  3. US phone number(Don’t worry, if you are from the outside USA then we also declare the method to use it)

Steps to Make Free VCC on Yandex

Step 1:  Register Yandex account by Clicking Here

Yandex HomePage
Picture: Yandex HomePage

Step 2: Go Yandex Virtual Money and filled with detail.

account dashboard in yandex
Picture: Yandex Account Dashboard

Note: If you don’t get verification code then follow these steps

  1. Use US VPN(If you do not have a premium version, then you can use free version too) TextNow & Signup: or You can use Virtual Phone Number

Again: If TextNow is not working then you can use Fake temporary number for OTP(Use American or Russian Number )

BOOM:: Click on: Get a Card” You got a free virtual credit card for free.

Conclusion: We explained with steps on how to create a free virtual account free in 2020. There is a lot of website and software where they provide free VCC, but these two methods are best, secure, and work for all premium sites. So, use it where you want, make an unlimited account with this method. We especially recommend using the second method (Yandex) because they don’t require to load funds in Virtual Card. If you stuck in these steps, feel free to comment. We will delight in solving your problem.

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1 year ago

Hello there, do you know any websites that offer visa vcc? Many thanks

1 year ago
Reply to  Bhuwan Dahal

Thank you for the reply.
Sadly it won’t work as I need to use them to withdraw and ezzocard won’t let me.

1 year ago

Privacy doesnt work with non us citizens.
they need us cards to load money

1 year ago

Hi,Pls help me I used Yandex but i can’t use it for online transactions because you have to be in russia to do so…so it’s basically useless
Just for trials🤧😢

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