How To Check Your Information Is Leaked Or Not In Dark Web

How to check your information is leaked in Dark Web

 Check information is hacked, leaked in dark web or not. Scan information, email for free in Have i Been pwned or Experian and secure you digital propertry. At first what give short introduction about Dark web.

What is the Dark Web?

Dark Web the word itself look like dangerous, and it creates fear to me, but it does not look like that. When we use the internet in the browser, we all notice that all website has .com, .org, .net, and other types of the domain which is easy to remember. But in dark web the all domain contains .onion, and they are not accessible with a regular browser like Chrome or Firebox, etc.

Facts about Dark Web

1) To access the Dark Web, we have to use a different browser called Tor.

2) Surface Internet contains about 4.5 billion websites, and Dark and Deep web include over six hundred twenty-nine billion websites.

3) Dark and Deep Web takes 99% of the Internet rest is just Surface.

4) In Dark Web transaction are done through Bitcoin.

5) There is also a Facebook (onion) in dark Web.

You can see while using the dark web.

facebook in dark web
Picture: Facebook in dark web

6) Drug buying website Silk Road(onion) is the most abundant and famous website in Dark Web.

7) The FBI, Banks, etc. monitor dark Web forums.

8) Over 23 million hacked accounts are sold in Dark Web every year.

9) Dark and Deep Web primary purpose is to keep secret documents of government offices.

10) You can hire Hacker, Hitman on the dark web which are totally illegal(dont do that).

11) You cannot access into Mariana Web.

12) There are about 1,208,925,819,614,629,174,706,176 website in Dark and Deep Web.

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From the above information, we can say that people generally used Dark and Deep Web for illegal activities. So you have to be aware of those illegal activities. Serving Dark Web is not illegal, but when you do some transaction like hiring hacker, purchase their credit card, watching live child pornography that would be illegal for you. So make sure before you are doing that illegal activity. 

Following are the Website that checks that your Email is used in Dark Web and Deep Web for Free

1) Have i Been pwned? :

Have i Been pwned
Picture: Have i Been pwned homepage

Advantages and services of using pwned

      1.See personal data is leaked or not,
     2.Notify the pwned users about future breaches via email,
     3.Pwned gives its users  1Password to secure password()
      4.Pwned also verified the password is paste in different sites or not.

Have I been pwned called as pwned(poned) is is free website to check users personal data of their email is leaked or not in Dark Web. When you enter your email or username in this website pwned search and analyze the email information that has been leaked or paste into different forums and Dark Web.

Steps to Check your Email information is Leaked or not

1)Go to the pwned website by clicking here

information scan in Have i Been pwned

Picture: Searchbar of Have i Been pwned

2)Type your email into the search bar and click on pwned?.

3)If your information is breached then pwned  gives a recommendation message to protect your account.

Leaked information in Have i Been pwned

Picture: Leaked information in Have i Been pwned

2) Experian:

Experian is a very popular website to monitor all sensitive internet account from the thief. Experian ranked one of the best accounts and identity secure provider in the world because it has features to secure all kinds of digital information. 

Scan email in dark web

Picture: Scan email in dark web

Advantages and services of Experian

     1.Free Credit Card Report
     2.Free Dark Web scan of Email
     3.Free Child Id Scan
     4.Fraud Alert
     5.Education Advice


Steps to Check information is Leaked or not in Dark Web or Surface Web:

Step 1: Go to Experian website by clicking here

Step2:  After that, you have to choose what type of problem do you have. There is all type of security system of information and credit cards.

Step3: Some important services like Dark web scanning, Identity Theif Protection are given free, but other services are paid. But you can enjoy 30 days trail for free after that Experian takes some charges according to services. If you feel secure, then you can choose whatever services according to the website.

Scan infromation in experian

Picture: Scan infromation in experian

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Bhuwan Dahal

Bhuwan Dahal

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