how to change profile picture in twitter on android phone

Change Twitter Profile Picture On Android Phone

Twitter is one of the popular social media platform and an American microblogging service where people share thoughts or short phrased messages. Unlike Facebook, the posts on Twitter are termed as tweets. Each tweet can be 140 characters long and can include Links too. Unlike DM on Instagram, on Twitter, messaging is named as a Private message.

So concerning end-users, we have prepared the solution for the most common issue for newbies of twitter. In this article, we will tutor you on how to change the twitter profile picture on an Android phone.

It was founded on March 21, 2006, A.D by four people, namely Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Biz Stone. Currently, the CEO of Twitter is Jack Dorsey (Sep 30, 2015–), having headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States.

But every time we try something, we are stuck in an error or obstacle, which is too annoying. For an end-user, the person may face several issues while using twitter. The person may not be familiar with the interface and can withstand several problems.

Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully, also don’t hurry and do it sequentially for a perfect result.

  1. Open ‘Twitter,’ If you have created an account and haven’t downloaded the Application, visit this link (Google Play store’s link for the app).
  2. Login on twitter using your Email, Phone number, or username and enter the password of your account.
  3. Click on ‘Login.
    Twitter Login Panel on Android Phone

Wait, do you remember your password? If yes, Skip this step else Click on ‘Forgot Password?’. Enter your Email, Phone number, or username.

You will see a messaged appeared on your screen. It will display the Email or phone number of yours where the recovery code will be sent.

(The number or Email address won’t be displayed completely). So you have to identify the last two digits of your mobile phone or Email, as shown on your screen.

Click ‘Continue’

The recovery code will be sent on your email or Mobile phone (as per your choice). After you get the code type, the received code on twitter recovery panel (Enter code) and click ‘Submit.’

You will be asked a new strong password. So type the new password and click ‘Submit.’

Change Twitter Profile Picture On Android

  1. After you log in to your account, you will see a circled icon ( Your profile picture). Click on that icon.
    Profile Picture icon on twitter
  2. A pop left to right navigation bar will appear. Click on ‘profile.’
    Settings bar of twitter on android phone
  3. Click on ‘Edit Profile’.
    Edit profile on twitter on android phone
  4. Now you will see an icon similar to a camera overlapped on your profile picture. Click on the profile picture icon.
    camera icon overlapped in profile picture
  5. Now you can ‘choose an existing photo from the gallery’ or ‘take Photo.’
    choose the image for profile picture on twitter
  6. Click on the option you choose. You will be pinged directly to the gallery, but in some of the Android mobile phones, you will be pinged to Drive or documents. So click on the top left icon (The three horizontal lines), as shown in the image below, and click on ‘Gallery.’
    selecting the gallery tab
    select gallery
  7. Choose the Image you want.
  8. Move and scale the image as you want.
  9. Click on ‘use.’
    clicking use on twitter for changing the profile picture
  10. Click on ‘Save.’
    saving the profile picture in twittter in android phone
  11. Enjoy! You have successfully updated your profile picture on twitter.
    Profile picture sucessfully uploaded in twitter on android phone

Are you leaving so early? We have some extra stats, facts, and information for you.

Stats of Twitter

Twitter has over 100 Million daily active users and 500 Million tweets per day. The use of twitter is tremendously increasing regularly. 66% of twitter users are Male, and the rest 34% are female.

Twitter is available in both Dekstop and mobile versions. Using twitter is more convenient in the Dekstop version (Computer, laptop) comparing to the Mobile version. Still, 80 % of twitter users are on Mobile phones. I consider using twitter as the best use of your smartphone in daily life for gathering news and pieces of information.

Who uses Twitter?

Generally, Twitter is organized and used for four sorts of people.

  1. Twitter for Marketers
  2. Twitter for Reporters
  3. Twitter for PR Teams
  4. Twitter for individual

So which category you fall under? Do comment down below.

Also, we have listed some of the significant facts about Twitter that may surprise you instantly.

  1. The GIFs included tweets get 55% more engagement compared to the rest multimedia tweet like photo, video, text. Unfortunately, only 2% of the total tweets contain GIFs.
  2. The average revenue of each employee of twitter is $210,417.
  3. Twitter can easily handle 18 quintillion user accounts.
  4. Almost 71% of Twitter users claim that they get the news via twitter.
  5. The daily limit of tweets is 2,400 for each account.
  6. The emoji “Face with tears of joy” is the most used emoji on Twitter, which is used over 2.7 billion times.
  7. It has over 11.7 Million downloads for Appstore.

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So I hope you have successfully changed your twitter profile picture on an Android phone. If you read to the end, That’s Great. Do comment down below your thoughts. Also, if you have any fascinating facts about twitter, do mention in the comment section below.

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