how to change facebook profile picture from messenger in android?

How To Change Profile Picture On Messenger From Android?

Changing Facebook and messenger profile picture is not a difficult task, you need to follow some necessary procedure in which we are going to show you step by step. Millions of people daily changed their FB profile from the Facebook app. Also, most people are new to Facebook, so they don’t know how to change the profile picture of the Messenger from Android phones.

Let me clarify one thing that Facebook and Messenger are two platforms where Facebook is about photo sharing, joining people from all around the world. In comparison, Messenger is for calling, chatting, and uploading stories. 

So, if you want to change your profile picture from Messenger, you can’t change it because Facebook does not allow it. But you can make turnabout from Facebook Application on android phone or from a Facebook website. 

See the below screenshot. There is no substitute in Messenger to change the profile picture. 

change profile picture from messenger app?
No Option to change Profile from Messenger

There are different methods to update your Facebook profile. 

In this article, we will show you how to change the profile picture of Facebook from Android Phone and website.

But first, we are going to show you from the Facebook App in Android.

Change Profile Picture From Facebook Application:

  • Open Facebook App on Your Mobile
  • Click On Your Profile Icon or Click On three(3) line.
  • Click on Camera Icon in your Photo
Click on camera icon to change profile picture from facebook app
  • Select Option to Choose your photo
select profile picture to change fb profile
  • Choose the best photo From Your Phone
  • Press On Save 
save selected picture for profile on facebook

Steps Explanation:

Changing the Profile Photo of Facebook is a straightforward method. Because of software excellent User Interface. So, in the above steps, we mention five steps with screenshots. You can also change or remove Pictures from three lines (in the navigation bar) or Icon similar to Profile.

Facebook also allows us to take new or existing videos for Profile Picture. The method is the same as before. Another popular feature is you can also make this Picture as Interim change by clicking on the Make Temporary option. You can select whatever span(less than 80 Days). 

Oh, don’t forget to write the best caption suitable with your photo and don’t giggle with my caption, haha. You can google for the best caption for Facebook profile. 

Additional, if you irritate with Facebook Ads then we list best extension to Blocks all ads in Google Chrome.

Change Profile Picture From Facebook Lite on Android:

Again this method is similar to the main Facebook application, but don’t worry. We are not going to miss this. Follow these steps manually. 

  • 1: Open Facebook Lite in your Android Phone
  • 2: Click On Your Profile Picture icon or Click on 3 Line.
  • 3: Click on Camera icon near your Profile Picture.
Click on Camera icon of your profile to change profile from Facebook Lite
  • 4: Select Upload a Photo and Choose a Photo
Upload your new profile photo
  • 5: Click on Upload. 

Boom you change or upload your Profile picture but not from Messenger. 

Steps Explanation:

Again uploading Profile Picture in Facebook Lite is also a similar method. Facebook Lite requires less storage capacity and consumes less RAM than the main Application. If you have a budget or old android phone with less storage capacity and RAM, we suggest you use Facebook lite. 

In fact, I personally use Facebook Lite because of its features. Facebook lite allows us to chat with friends without Messenger or Messenger Lite. It also consumes less memory and RAM. As an outcome, your android phone will not get stuck or get a hang. 

Change Profile Picture from Browser:

If you don’t have access to your mobile phone, we can also change it from a web browser. Here we can use any browser at any device. For example, we are going to change the Picture from the Laptop browser, which is Microsoft Edge. It’s an easy and same process as compared to the above. So let’s dive into another step.

  • Open Browser & go to or
  • Login with your Facebook ID
  • Click on Your Profile
  • Click on Camera Icon near your Photo
  • Select on Change Profile Picture and upload new picture
  • Select image and hit Save

Explanation of the above steps:

Sometimes you also want to change Profile Picture without knowing your Facebook friends. So, in this case, what should we do? Well, it’s easy, while changing Profile. Make sure Photo privacy is on the Only Me option. Or You can go to Photo 

Change fb profile picture without anyone knowing:

1) Click On Three Dot(neer Profile Picture)

Click on three dot area of profile picture to make private mode
Click on Three Dot Area

2) Select Edit Privacy

Click on Edit Privacy to make profile picture private mode
Click on Edit Privacy

3) Click on Only Me option.

Click on Only Me. That only visible to you
Click on Only me(Private)

Boom, this after that your friends or people cannot be able to like your photo or comment or share. But they can see your Picture without any restriction.

Frequently Asked Question-Related to PP change from Messenger?

1) How to Change Facebook Profile Picture From Messenger?

Sorry, Facebook does not allow you to change Profile Picture From Messenger. If you want to change then, you can change it from a Facebook application, Facebook lite, and Facebook Website. After some time, Messenger will show you a new Profile photo that you changed from Facebook.

2) Can we Different Profile Picture on Messenger and Facebook?

No, we cannot. Facebook does not allow this because Messenger and Facebook are on the same platform with different applications. Once you change or upload a profile picture on Facebook, it will automatically adjust the Messenger’s existing photo.

3) Why Is My Profile Picture of Facebook different from Messenger?

That’s because you recently changed or removed a photo on Facebook. It takes time to update your new Profile Picture on Messenger.

4) What does it mean if my friend’s profile picture on FB is blank?

If your Facebook Friend Profile is blank, they don’t upload a photo or remove their existing image or set the Profile as the private mode.


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If you are searching for Changing Profile Picture from Messenger on Android, then sorry it will not happen because of Facebook restriction. We show you an alternative way to change your Messenger Picture from Facebook App/ Lite and Facebook Website. 

Hope this article solves your doubt. Don’t forget to show some love in the comment section. We are always here to take your love and support. 

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