Benefits Of Having .EDU Email Address

advantages of having .EDU email address

You can get a massive discount(Some free and some are paid) on more than 100+ products and services if you have a.EDU email address. From Github Student Developer Pack(70+ tools) to discount on entertainment, from the discount on best software to music, hosting service .edu email can save you more than $1000 on subscription. What is EDU Email Address? EDU Email Address is an email address that is provided by universal, college, and school for their students and staff. When you got admission to a USA university or college, they…

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Why Government Doesn’t Shutdown Dark Web?

Why Government Doesn’t Shutdown Dark Web? Simple answer: No one can control Dark Web, even the who made the Dark Web. If you think that Dark Net is developed by criminal’s programmers and hackers, then you are wrong. If you also think that Dark web is invented for criminal’s activity, then you are also wrong. So, why the hell all internet criminals activity like hacking, snooping, child pornography, cracking, hit-man hire, fake password & citizens, guns and drug business, etc. are done in Dark Web? And why the government cannot…

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The Reason Behind America Banned Huawei

Reason Behind USA banned Huawei

The reason behind America banned Huawei As we know, Huawei is one of the largest manufacturer company in the world. They have 170000 employees working in 170 different countries. Huawei just launched on 2019-5 April P30 pro with best camera phone ever in the smartphone world. But suddenly America officially announces that they banned Huawei. Here are the top reason why America banned Huawei       1) Spying on people by using telecommunication devices: Huawei is the biggest telecommunication company. In 2014 America revealed Huawei shipping data and information…

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