How to Check CPU Temperature

how to check your computer temperetur

There are number of tools and methods to check your computer’s CPU temperature. It is a primary task to check and maintain PC temperature especially when you are a PC owner. You may have found out about the different PC temperature software that can show you on the temperature of the Processors inside. These software’s can read information from the distinctive hardware checking sensors (Digital Thermal Sensor) implemented by processor manufacturer and can reveal to you the CPU temperature continuously. Before, we used to boot into BIOS to check CPU…

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Top 12 Expensive Apps in Play Store

expensive apps in playstore

Top 12 Expensive Apps in Play Store At first, we are not forcing you to buy these types of expensive apps from play store. We want to show you which application make a list in the top Twelve expensive application. There are more than 2.7 million apps in play store. Some of them are free; some are paid. There are also some costly apps which are useless to buy. They don’t have any feature in it. These apps has just one photo with a diamond with some text to display…

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