Use of smartphone while travelling

Best Use Of Your Smartphone While Travelling Abroad

Ever wondered what your smartphone can offer while you travel?

Your cell phone can be genuinely the best of companion for you while travelling abroad in your favourite holiday destination. Your phone turns out to be a true friend in all cases such as, ticket booking, hotel reservation, map, camera, language translation. It is very simple to utilize the best of your phone when visit abroad. Look at the list carefully to see the Uses smartphone while travelling abroad.


We can likewise reveal to you this in advance that each tip fluctuates as indicated by the voyager and their decisions of utilizing the telephone in a specific way. Aside from that, we should investigate the experience your phone can be unquestionably hotshot for travel!

Use Of  Your Phone When You Travel Internationally

Smartphone as A Map:

There are map applications that can be used as a great travel guide and with location service you can easily see wherever you are. Even without a Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can use map a get into your preferred location and discover more places with ease without wasting your time wandering. You can also download offline version of Google Maps for more and detail information about a location.

Smartphone as A Translator:

Language can be a great trouble while travelling abroad. You may not know the language of a place where you are going. Therefore it is always a good idea to learn basic foreign languages. With free dualingo app you can learn any language and anywhere or you can also use Google translate for quick language translation.

Smartphone As currency converter:

You many always get into trouble while getting updated with current currency rate.  You cannot just keep stressing with calculation but with Banca currency converter is you can efficiently  convert currencies. This app supports all the currency know and the the best part for traveler is it works in offline mode as well. This update all the currency rate once it is online. It automatically detects your location and find relevant rates of  currency in that country. This app is suitable for frequent travelers.

Smartphone As a camera:

Nowadays digital cameras has been replaced by Smartphone camera. Phone cameras is being used for different purposes. Travelling abroad without a smartphones seems quite incomplete as camera is a great things to preserve your travels. You can click picture of your favorite place, people and many other things that fascinates you and can quickly share with your friends and family. You can also use many third party app to enhance your camera quality.


Use As a weather App:

Weather forecasting app like Weather, AccuWeather can show a detail estimate of current climate condition based on your current location. Climate is the most influential factor of any travelling. Therefore you need to be cautious about weather before visiting any place.

As a tour guide: Smartphone can help you as a tour assist, It can contact you with different travel agencies and partners. You can also book hotels, and register tickets with cheapest rate to fly.

Use in case of emergency:

You can add your important data to your smartphone’s lock screen. For example, your prescriptions, blood group and emergency contacts. In spite of the fact that the iPhone has an in-built emergency SOS highlight. However, many Android users can also set their emergency contact and call for that contact in an emergency .

Entertainment: You can download and install some games and make list of  travel music. That way you won’t get bored while travelling abroad. You can play your favorite games . Additionally you can click some stunning photos and edit it using your Android or iPhone.


We accept that these tips referenced above will make your travelling enjoyable and commendable for smartphone international travel tips.

So fellas, what do you think about this post, If you have used your smartphones in any more cases that have helped your travel, then let us know in the comment section.

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