advantages of having .EDU email address

Benefits Of Having .EDU Email Address

You can get a massive discount(Some free and some are paid) on more than 100+ products and services if you have a.EDU email address. From Github Student Developer Pack(70+ tools) to discount on entertainment, from the discount on best software to music, hosting service .edu email can save you more than $1000 on subscription.

What is EDU Email Address?

EDU Email Address is an email address that is provided by universal, college, and school for their students and staff. When you got admission to a USA university or college, they give you.EDU Email Address for free. The United States mostly provides Edu Email. The main motive to give.EDU Email Address to students is that they can get student discounts on various important like Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Github, Onedrive, etc.

What does.EDU email address looks like?

Generally, EDU Email has .edu as an extension, for example, [email protected]. You can customize your EDU email address, whatever you want. If the University of California gives.EDU Email Address to all students for free, then their email address is like [email protected]. This is similar to other email addresses like Gmail, Hotmail, etc that means you cannot change your .edu mail address name after created.
Having a .edu mail address is one of the best things for students because there are many student discounts so they can get a better education at the least price.

Free Tools and stuff you can get from .EDU email Address (Infographics)

free stuff and tools for student from .edu email address
Picture: Free Tools From .EDU Mail

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Free .EDU Email Address

Advantages of having a .edu email address in detail.

Best discounts on Github student developer tools

Github provides the best discount for.EDU email address for users or students. They offer 70 packages with a substantial discount, including Namecheap, digital ocean, .tech domain, etc.

Essential things to get Github Student Developer Pack:

  • College, University verified email address(.EDU Email Address) or issued documents that can prove you a student.
  • Github Account
  • Above 13 years old

The following are the famous Github Student Developer package, which is beneficial for .EDU email address users or students.

  1. Educative – You can get 6 months free of 60+ programming language courses.
  2. Aws educate – With .edu email address, you can get free AWS to educate the starter account, which is $100 worth.
  3. Jetbrains(Software development company) – free subscription for students.
  4. Bootstrap Studio –  Free license to develop a responsive website using bootstrap framework.
  5. Terminus – Free access to sync data all across devices.
  6. Heroku – Manage your app for two years free with the GitHub student account.
  7. Testmail – For accessing unlimited email addresses and mailboxes (with APIs).
  8. FrontendMaster – Learn Front end languages for 6 months free.
  9. One Month – Free to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python in 30 days.
  10. Github – Free public and private repositories.
  11. –  To subscription to test your code performance.
  12. Astra – Malware scan your website for 6 months.
  13. Interview Cake – Coding interview question courses access only for 3 weeks.

Softwares with .edu email:

As we know, software plays a vital role for students to gain knowledge. So, you can grab this software at discounts with a student email. The following are the software that you can get for free or at a lower rate if you have .EDU email address.

  1. Microsoft Office 365 – If you have a school email address, then you can access free Microsoft office(Online only) with practical tutorials. Office applications include Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Similarly, they provide extra features, i.e., Unlimited personal cloud storage, an email with 50GB mailbox, Unlimited users(Students), video conferencing, etc.
    Pricing  of Office 365 for students:
    – MS Office 365 A1 (FREE) – Online version
    – Microsoft 365 A3 ($2.50/month) – Desktop apps
    – Office 365 A5 ($6/month for 5 PCs) – Desktop apps with security features
  2. AutoDesk – Get all Auto Desk and 3D CAD software for free for the student who has EDU email.
  3. Evernote – Evernote is one of the best note-taking apps, which is very helpful for students. They give a 50% discount on the first year for students who have .EDU email address.
  4. Ulysses – This is similar to Evernote, where you can also grab 50% for students.
  5. Microsoft Azure for students – $100 credit for only student account(no credit card needed).

.EDU discounts on entertainment:

Another benefit of the having.EDU email address is a discount on entertainment, i.e., watching a movie on theatre, on the internet, etc.

 Following are the student discount on entertainment:

  1. Amazon Prime Student – With the help of student account (.EDU email address) you can quickly get amazon prime account free for 6 months after your trial, Prime Student is just $6.49/month.

Services include in Amazon Prime Student Account:

  • Unlimited access to prime movies and TV free for 6 months
  • Unlimited amazon music
  • Fast and free delivery of millions of items.
  • Exclusive discount on amazon items for students
  • Unlimited eBooks
  • Free video games.
  1. Denver Art Museum – $2 off for students.
  2. Apple TV for StudentYou can enjoy Apple tv shows from your student account for limited time
  3. Cinemark – Discount on movie theaters.

Discount on News Sites

Students can also get discounts on news sites like The Washington Post and The New York Times.student discount on news sites

The Washington Post – You can save 50% on this site, which includes unlimited access to digital news on any device. Students can subscribe $1 for the first 4 weeks and then after that $5/ every week.

The New York Times – Another college student deals is NYT. You can grab 4 weeks free plan and then $1 for every week, which is a massive discount on the student account.

The Wall Street Journal – Around 75% discount for students.

Storage benefits for.EDU email address users:

Every student needs a high amount of storage area to cover their educational documents, but storage devices are costly to purchase. Some companies cut this limitation where students can get a substantial discount so they can get unlimited storage area.

Storage Tools Students can get from .EDU Emai:

  1. G Suite for Education – Google has done a pretty impressive job for students so they can efficiently utilize free stuff with Edu email. They include unlimited google drive, coding, and CS, digital literacy, creativity tool, STEM, etc. to students for free.
  2. One Drive – You can get 1TB free storage in OneDrive with .edu email mail address.

Student Discount on music:

Music is something that connects with your mind and body. .EDU email gives you the best option to buy music at a low cost.

  1. Spotify StudentHaving a .edu email address and you are not using a Spotify student package, then it is something bizarre. When I had a .edu email account, my first student discount tool was Spotify.student discount on spotify

Spotify Student Offers

Spotify + Hulu + Showtime first 3 months free.

After trial all spotify+ hulu+ showtime just in $4.99/month.

  1. Apple Music – Apple Music is another discount for the student where they can listen free for six months from .edu mail. After trial apple costs you $4.99/month.

Discount provided by Apple for Students:

  • Apple Music(for six months) + TV(limited time) free.
  • Apple MacBook from $999.
  • MacBook Pro from $1199
  • iMac from $1049
  • iMax Pro from $4599
  • Mac Pro from $5599
  • Mac mini from $779
  • Pro Display XDR from $4599
  • iPad Pro from $749
  • Air from $479
  • iPad from $309
  • iPad mini from $379
  1. Ableton – Student and teacher, can get up to 40% discount.

Discount From .EDU Email on hosting and a domain:

Students can get discounts on a domain and hosting service from the GitHub student developer pack.

Following are the discount for students on hosting and a domain:

  1. – One free domain name with SSL.
  2. Namecheap – One-year domain name on .me with SSL certificate.
  3. DigitalOcean – $50 credit for .edu email users.
  4. .tech  – One .tech domain free for 1 year for student.
  5. – $50 credit in cloud hosting for students, which is valid for one year.
  6. Netwise – Free server(hosting of critical IT infrastructure systems) package free for 12 months.

Student Discount on Graphics Design Software

Students can get photo editing software at a lower discount rate with their.EDU mail addresses.

List of Graphics Design software where you can grab a massive discount:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud –  Student and teacher, can get a 60% discount on all Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe charges $ 19.99/month for the first year, and after that $29.99 / month. With this plan, they include 20 applications, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Adobe Portfolio, 100GB Cloud Storage etc.student discount of adobe creative cloud
  • Canva – Create professional graphics using thousands of templates 12 months of free subscription.
  • Pictochart – Create Infographics, Social media graphics, reports, presentations, flyers for $39.99/ year. You can also get one month free on the Pro-Team account which costs $239.94 for 6 students for one year.
  • LucidChart – Students can use Lucid Chart free of cost with his/her .EDU email address.
  • Ableton – Both students and teachers can save up to 40%.

Cell Phone Service discount from EDU email address:

  1. AT&A – Sign up with your Edu email address and get a hefty discount(10%) on wireless services, devices many more.
  2. OnePlus – US students can grab OnePlus(one) phone on a 5% discount and 10% discount to any gear and accessories.
  3. Smartish  – Smartish offer a 15% discount for students, teachers, the military personnel on any products.
  4. USmobile –  Students can get free prepaid SIM cards where you can customize your data, voice call, SMS. According to USmobile, the average student can satisfy their services only at $15 per month.

Shopping discount from.EDU mail address:

  • Newegg– 10% off on each product to students who are verified with .edu email address only.
  • FedEx– Get a 20 -30 % discount with your student ID card.
  • Bestbuy – If you want to purchase different items from the eCommerce site, then BestBuy is for you. They give up to 10%-30% discount for students on each product they sell.
  • myunidays –  MyunitDays is only focusing on the student where they provide discount fashion, technology, and entertainment product and services.
  • Samsung – You can get up to a 30% discount on all Samsung devices with the school Email address. discount on samsung for student

Do Not Forget To Read This

Other Benefits and Discount to Students:

  • LastPass: 6 months free premium access:
  • Canvas: Both students and teachers can get access for free.
  • Dell: All university students can get a 10% discount on Dell products
  • Norton Antivirus:  Get $40 – $60 Off for the first year.
  • HP: You can get up to a 50% – 55% discount with your EDU mail by sign up with MyUniDays.  
  • Lenovo: 15- 20% discount on Lenovo Laptops.
  • Treehouse: You can get 7 days free trial with .edu email address.
  • Audible:  Get 30 days of trial free access on Amazon Audible.
  • PureVPN: Student discount up to 75% on  2 years subscription, i.e., $3.33 per month.

Conclusion:  If you have .EDU Email Address then grabs all your needed tools and software in your pocket. Some above tools and software provide limited discounts for a limited time after that they charge the same as other accounts.

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