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15 Facts about Huawei You Should Know:

If you here to know about exciting things about Huawei, then you are in the right place.

Huawei is the world’s largest electronics manufacturer company in China. They produce telecommunication equipment, mobile phones, laptops, washing machine, etc. and sells all over the world. Huawei owns 188000  employees over 170 counties making it the world’s largest employee own company. According to Huawei, three billion people used their product and services. 

Here is the list of 15 exciting things about Huawei probably you don’t know about it:

    1) Ren Zhengfei starts a Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd with 14 employees in 1997 September 15:

Very few people know that the founder of Huawei is Ren Zhengfei. They started a company with just $5680 and now after 30 years Huawei ranking the world’s most valuable brands.

founder of huawei

   2) Huawei is the world largest telecommunication devices seller and second-largest Smartphone manufacturer company after Samsung:

 As we know Huawei is largest the telecommunication devices provider in the world. Huawei beats Apple in producing mobile phones. In 2019 Huawei launch P30 and P30 pro. P30 pro becomes the best camera phone in this modern age. The first technique of Huawei company is they provide a quality phone at a reasonable price. With comparing with iPhone and Samsung new smartphones Huawei P30 Pro and P30 have better camera quality with 50 times zoom that you can see long-distance objects.

3) The meaning behind the “Huawei” word:

The actual pronunciation of “Huawei” is “Hwa way.” but different countries pronounce it differently. For example, the United States of America declared it “How-Wee,” Netherlands mark as “Hoe-ah-we,” and China  .pronounce it as “Hua Way.”

 “Huawei” stands two meaning that is Hua and Wei. Hua means “splendid” or “China,” and Wei means “action” or “achievement.” 

In the Chinese language, Hua is denoted by 华, and Wei is indicated by 为.

In morally, the meaning of Huawei is China’s achievement or the making of China.

4) Huawei has the largest employee over the 170 countries:

     Huawei has more than 188000 employees in 170 countries.

5) Huawei has its own 1.4 square kilometer Campus called the Ox Horn Campus in China and research center in different countries: 

According to Wikipedia: Ox Horn Campus is a European themed model village Campus which is located on the south shore of Songshan Lake in Chile. About 25000 employees can work at this Campus. There are 12 groups of building categories in different European cities or regions. All basic and luxurious types of equipment are provided to their employees. The approximate cost to developed Ox Horn Campus is 1.5 billion dollars.   

huawei campus
Huawei Campus

6) Huawei owner Ren Zhengfei only has 1.42% of the share that means he only has 1.8 billion dollars.

The founder of Huawei net worth is only $1.8 billion; this is all because Huawei employees hold its all shares.

Ren Zhengfei net worth
Ren Zhengfei Net Worth

7) Every six months, Huawei changes their CEOs.

   Every company has its principle to run the business, but Huawei has different rules that they change their CEOs every six months to gain new ideas and knowledge.

8)  The real owner of  Huawei are Employees, not Ren  Zhengfei:

 You might wonder that Huawei is an employee own Chinese company. This is the main reason why they are the world’s largest electronics manufacturing company. All employee-only focus on their company goal and they work hard to achieve the goal.

huawei employees
Huawei take care of their Employee

9) Huawei planned to initiation world-first 5G 8K television:

10) Huawei global football club sponsorship is -Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint-Germain, Athletico Madrid, Ajax, Benfica, Santa Fe, Club America, and Wellington Phoenix.

huawei sponsorship with football club
Huawei Football Partner

11) In 2019 May 15 the United States of America banned Huawei:

A lot of researchers identify that this incident is the biggest trade war in the world. After American president  Donald Trump banned Huawei Google and other American biggest company also completely abandon their service to Huawei.

Find Reason Behind US banned Huawei:

US banned Huawei Products

12) Huawei Officially launched its new smartphone operating system called HarmonyOS.

The main motive of a developed new OS is because google banned Huawei. According to Huawei, HarmonyOs will support mobile, speaker, Smart Tv or all home devices.

Huawei new operating system
Huawei New Operating System

13) Huawei launched the first 5G network technology.

 14) Huawei develops Facing Emotion app for blind peoples.

Facing Apps is used to find anger, fear, happiness, seven human emotion which is very helpful for blind people to uses smartphones. This app is used in Mate 20 pros.

15) Leica camera lenses in Huawei Smartphone:

You might wonder why Huawei smartphone camera picture quality is superior to another smartphone. This is because of Leica lenses. German famous camera manufacturer company, Leica’s lenses, is used in Huawei smartphone to capture real quality photos and videos.

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